How to appreciate the healing benefits of lemon balm?

Medicinal plants that belong to the Lamiaceae family grow in abundance in Great Britain, North America and all over Europe. We mainly note lemon balm or bee leaf or lemon balm. This species is particularly native to the Mediterranean basin (in the eastern part). A perennial plant with excellent toothed and embossed oval leaves. It perfumes the surroundings with its sweet and pleasantly lemony fragrance. Its main richness is terpene alcohol and essential minerals. There are also sesquiterpenes, terpene aldehydes and polyphenols. You can draw all its therapeutic privileges from this melliferous plant, as well as all its benefits in herbal medicine. Its scientific name is melissa officinalis.

Health and the body well protected with lemon balm

It takes care of the body as a whole:

  • produces good humor,
  • ensures proper digestive function,
  • reduces stress,
  • repairs the central nervous system,
  • and treats various diseases and pathological genes.

It is very effective for improve sleep quality and fight against insomnia. It is also an exceptional source of energy.

Natural softener, it relieves redness and treats sensitive skin, mature and fragile. It also alleviates itching, wounds and bites caused by insects. It fights against skin eruptions and impurities. It is also a nervous tonic.

Herbal properties of lemon balm

For cure diseases naturallyit is presented in different versions:

  • Fresh flowers, stems and leaves.
  • Dry extracts or powders, capsules and tablets.
  • Liquid extracts: infusions, decoctions and herbal teas.
  • Honey and floral water.
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Its essential oil is extracted from its fresh leaves picked before flowering. To fully benefit from a relaxing and soothing massage, all you need is one or two drops diluted in another vegetable oil.

Lemon balm is a real nutritional treasure

Everyone can access all its benefits, whether it is a speaker in traditional medicine or lovers of gastronomic art. Indeed, this plant can probably give an exceptional touch to all your culinary preparations. Lemon balm is used as a condiment in several recipes. It offers a delicious flavor to: fish, meat, poultry, eggs, puddings, salads (sweetened with fruit or savory as an accompaniment to vegetables), desserts, soups, liqueurs. Its place in the asian cuisine and pastry is well known. In the cosmetics market, it is used for its anti-aging action which delays cellular aging and its make-up removing effect.

What are the points to pay attention to?

In order not to face possible risks, it is better that pregnant and breastfeeding women abstain fromuse of lemon balm. Its essential oil is powerful and should not be used pure. It must imperatively be the subject of a parsimonious dosage and be associated with olive oil for example. Indeed, you must always respect the doses subscribed on the bottle.


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