How to benefit from the health benefits of goji?

Goji is a berry from the shrub called common wolfberry or Lycium barbarum. It is native to China and belongs to the Solanaceae family, along with tomatoes and eggplants. It is also nicknamed “red diamonds”. For millennia, this fruit has been granted several medicinal qualities. In addition, it contains a high nutritional value. It contains, among other things, 18 amino acids, 21 trace elements (selenium, calcium, zinc, etc.), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B6, E, and C), proteins, polysaccharides and carotenoids.

Recognized medicinal values

Goji has the reputation of being able stimulate the body’s immune responses. It is particularly effective in case of physical and sexual asthenia. It helps, in particular, to restore body energy and improves sexual performance.

In addition, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-aging effects, it significantly slows down tissue and cell aging. Moreover, he participates in the prevention of decline in cognitive abilities. It also improves memory as well as symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The other actions of this fruit are:

  • Prevention of eye disorders
  • Protection of vital organs such as kidneys or liver (traditional Chinese medicine)
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Decreased blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Improved sleep quality

Dosage forms available

In herbal medicine, we use goji in the form of:

  • Dried fruits
  • Powder
  • Mother tincture
  • Compressed
  • capsule
  • Essential oil

Instructions for use and recommended dosage

  • Dried fruits: Consume directly or mix with a fruit salad at the rate of 1 to 2 tablespoons per day.
  • Powder: 3 teaspoons of powder to mix in 300 ml of drink (fruit juice or smoothie) or to sprinkle in a yoghurt, a dish or a dessert.
  • Mother tincture: Dilute 2 to 4 ml of mother tincture in a glass of water or fruit juice. Consume up to 3 times a day.
  • Compressed : Take 1 tablet daily.
  • Capsule: It is recommended to take 4 capsules per day, to be taken with meals.
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Contraindications and precautions for use

Goji is a uterine stimulant. Therefore, its consumption is to be avoided in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is also the case for children under the age of 7 and for people on anticoagulant treatment.

Moreover, due to its exciting and tonic effect, it is better to consume this fruit during the day (ideally before 4 p.m.) to avoid any impact on sleep.

It is also important to respect the prescribed doses. In fact, in some cases, ingesting this berry can lead to stomach aches, nausea, headaches and constipation.

Finally, for safe use, it is necessary to first consult the advice of a herbalist or a health professional.


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