How to choose the right sports coach?

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How to choose the right sports coach?

Nowadays, calling on a personal sports coach is no longer reserved for stars. The profession has grown and democratized. Everyone can thus benefit from the services of a personal trainer in order to obtain optimal support to achieve their objectives. However, the quality of service is extremely variable from one trainer to another. So how do you choose a sports coach with the certainty that he will be able to meet your expectations?

1- Contact a real professional sports coach

3 points to check before committing to a coach

If anyone can claim to be a sports coach, only coaches in good standing at the legislative level are authorized to practice. In fact, to give sports lessons for a fee, a personal trainer must be qualified, registered and insured.

  • Firstly, to exercise the profession of sports coach, it is necessary to be Title of a diploma. There are thus 2 official formations. The first is issued by the faculty following 3 years of higher education, it is the STAPS license (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities). The second is issued by the state, it is the Professional Certificate, specialty “Activities of the Form” (BPJEPS AF). The different training courses of a sports coach are indicated on his professional sports educator card.
  • Secondly, to work legally, any sports coach must also be registered with the URSSAF, and thus have a number Siretlike all the liberal professions.
  • Finally, the professional trainer must be insured in the event of an accident. He is therefore obliged to take out a policy professional liability insurance. This insurance will cover you in the event of an accident during one of your sports sessions with him.
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If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your sports teacher for supporting documents.

2- Ask the coach for a trial session

If you have expectations in terms of nutrition, this is also an opportunity to discuss this level in order to make sure that this trainer can accompany you as part of a food program.

3- Compare several sports coaches

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