How to cure and prevent cracks in winter

Cracks are skin cracks that often appear in winter with the cold. Cracks are usually located in the hands or feet. The treatments are mainly based on antiseptic and healing creams or ointments.

The crack is a generally shallow skin crack that often appears in winter with the cold. Cracks should not be confused with frostbite or frostbite (a serious form that can lead to necrosis).

Main causes of cracks

Cracks can have different causes:

– The cold, especially in winter.

– Use of certain stripping soaps or other detergents.

– Certain activities such as manual work.

– Skin diseases such as chronic or atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

Symptoms of cracks

Cracks are usually shallow cracks and may be accompanied by cracking and sometimes bleeding. Cracks often appear on the extremities like the hands. These are relatively exposed to external aggressions such as cold. The feet can also be affected by cracks, although they are often protected by shoes or socks. You should know that in case of cold the body prefers to irrigate vital areas such as the heart. Blood circulation in the feet can therefore be reduced and lead to cracks or frostbite. In the event of cracks in the feet, cracks can be observed in the heels or the soles of the feet.

Crack treatments

To treat cracks, we mainly use creams or ointments based on antiseptics, to properly disinfect the crack and prevent infection. We also use healing creams or ointments often based on vitamin A.

How to properly use creams and ointments?

Apply oily ointments to crevices, for example before going to sleep. Feel free to use a significant amount of cream or ointment. You can cover with cotton gloves or socks to prevent the ointment from spreading in your bed.

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Remedy for chapped lips

Preparation: ask a pharmacist to prepare an ointment with 5% zinc oxide (5% is sufficient because the more enriched in oxide, it becomes more difficult to use) in 95% petroleum jelly.


spread like any ointment without exaggerating.

Natural remedies to heal cracks

Certain medicinal plants, in the form of a cream, ointment or essential oil, can help with cracks.

– St. John’s wort extract, in the form of an ointment for example.

– Lavender essential oil, apply 2 to 3 drops on the hands twice a day.

Good advice and prevention

Dry hands and feet well with a towel.

– Apply creams or ointments to the feet or hands.

– In winter, especially when it is very cold, wear gloves. At the level of the feet, use woolen socks or socks with thermal protection as well as good shoes (eg boots).

– A good diet rich in vitamins can help in case of cracks.


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