How to cure fatty liver with a special diet?

Fatty liver disease is a disorder caused by the accumulation of lipids forming deposits in the liver. It is one of the most common causes of chronic liver disease. There are currently no drug treatments to cure this disorder. However, following a special fatty liver disease diet can help to treat it.

The benefits of the fatty liver disease diet

The special fatty liver disease diet consists of consuming certain types of food only. The consumption of these foods can treat this liver disorder effectively. This is due to the reduction or prevention of insulin resistance. The level of carbohydrates in the diet will decrease. The level of sugar in the body will therefore decrease in order to reduce liver damage.

Apart from the fatty liver disease treatment, this diet can also provide many other benefits. It is possible to prevent certain diseases by following this diet. For example, you can reduce cardiovascular risks. It is also possible to lose weight. As the diet allows for careful eating, carbohydrates will not be transformed and stored in fatty tissue. They will not form bad fats in the body.

The course of the special hepatic steatosis diet

To follow a diet treating hepatic steatosis, it is necessary to be followed and to be accompanied. Indeed, this diet involves a major change in the lifestyle of the person concerned. The latter will then have to consult a doctor before starting the fatty liver diet.

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During this consultation, the doctor and the patient will carry out analyzes and diagnoses. They will then set goals to achieve during a specific time. It should be noted that this follow-up and this accompaniment must be done on an extended basis in the form of a therapeutic project. Progress reports will be done from time to time to see the patient’s progress.

Foods for the fatty liver disease diet

Food is the effective and fast solution for treat fatty liver disease. It is necessary to adopt without wasting time a special adapted hepatic steatosis diet. This diet aims to reduce the level of sugar and lipids in the blood.

Foods to eat on a fatty liver disease diet

The preferred foods are only low glycemic index foods.

  • Good fats rich in omega-3 such as meats, salmon, trout, nuts, canola oil, etc.
  • Antioxidants rich in selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E. This is the case with fruits and vegetables.
  • Probiotics

Foods to avoid

Certain types of food are not recommended in a fatty liver diet. This is due to their harmful characteristics for the liver. High glycemic index foods are one of them. They cause blood sugar levels to rise. These are processed and industrial foods. Trans and saturated fats as well as stimulants such as alcohol are also prohibited.


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