How to draw all the benefits of Borage vegetable oil?

Borage refers to a very pretty blue star-shaped flower originating from the French plateaux. This plant with the scientific name “Borago officinalis L.” is also found in China and the United Kingdom. It produces an organic oil that has very captivating virtues on the skin. Borage vegetable oil proves to be an excellent active ingredient in skin care. It is a perfect anti-aging and restructuring agent that provides nourishing and protective effects. Borage oil works wonders for dry skin care. Excellent also in hair care and in the prevention of wrinkles. It contains carotenoids, vitamins and fatty acids. It is an excellent ingredient for home cosmetics and cooking.

Composition of borage vegetable oil

Its richness in vitamins A, D, E and K give it properties anti-aging highly sought after. This virgin oil obtained in particular by cold pressing of the seeds is 100% natural and pure. Without additives or preservatives, it offers pleasant, effective, easy and practical use.

Borage vegetable oil is full of many fatty acids

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (especially gamma-linolenic acid), Borage oil takes good care of skin problems. Indeed, it is very beneficial for the beauty of the skin and the health of the organism. It contains essential fatty acids known for their nourishing actions.

Borage vegetable oil and its different forms of use

We mainly use theBorage oil to treat and correct skin problems. In the kitchen, it is used to enhance various preparations. In cosmetics, it softens, protects, tones, softens, rejuvenates and regenerates the skin (dilute with essential oils).

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Cosmetic aspect of borage oil

That antioxidant oil restores your skin’s suppleness, elasticity and tone. Here are its variant properties: anti-aging, emollient, softening, soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing (for light scars). It treats dry hair, hair loss, acne, dermatosis, dry hands and stretch marks.

Borage vegetable oil and its particularities

The components of borage oil confer anti-inflammatory properties, advantageous for skin or joint problems. Particularly suitable for women, it is active on the hormonal system. For application on a large surface, it must be diluted in vegetable oil.

Recognized for its powers to increase the body’s resistance and immune defense. It increases cognitive faculties, physical endurance and sexual vigor in situations of fatigue and stress. Among other things, rhodiola helps to alleviate depression and anxiety. A useful and effective remedy for day care of very dry skin. One excellent cardiovascular protector, this oil is also a good regulator of the nervous and hormonal system. It can even regulate certain nerve functions.


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