How to drink energy drink in tears of themis?

Replenish AP The agreement is to get stamina which goes well with the energy drinks than the S-chips. There will be 30 Aps from a small energy drink and 60 Aps from a large energy drink. There will be an offer of 60 stamina from 20 precious crystals. You can use the S-chips by shifting them to Tears of Themis.

Moreover, how do you use AP Tears of Themis?

  1. Make sure you read the stories.
  2. Know how to replenish AP.
  3. Do not forget to claim free rewards.
  4. Click on magnifying glass to find clues.
  5. Know the mechanics of the debates.
  6. Use different cards depending on the wave of the debates.
  7. Level up your weaker cards.

Best answer for this question, how do you increase HP Tears of Themis? Evolve a Card: Nice way to drastically increase its power. Your card needs to reach max level cap and only then you can evolve it. In Tears of Themis, evolving a card raises the level cap, unlocks new skills and card faces. When your card reaches max level, you will need certain materials and stellin to evolve it.

Quick Answer, what is AP in Tears of Themis? One of the elements that will constantly block your progress in Tears of Themis is your AP, which is this game’s version of energy, a resource necessary for accessing levels.

People ask also, is Tears of Themis good? Despite a few hang ups with gacha mechanics surrounding the in-game “combat,” Tears of Themis is a really enjoyable game. Its gameplay variety and style set it apart from other titles within the genre and gives players a lot to do in a unique world.


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How do you get invited to Tears of Themis?

The easiest way to get the Event Invitations hassle-free is to purchase them with real-life money from the Shop. Head to the Packs section, select Event, and search for the Aurora Invitation Pack I, II, III, or IV.

What do you do with S-chips Tears of Themis?

S-Chips are valuable crystals used in Stellis City to purchase Tears of Themis, which are exchanged for Visions. S-Chips are rewarded to players by the dozens, by clearing the main story episodes and by simply signing into the game, daily.

What beats Intuition in Tears of Themis?

Logic trumps Empathy, Empathy trumps Intuition, and Intuition trumps Logic. If the opponent attacks with an argument that consists of Intuition, players must counter with an Empathy Character Card, for the utmost success in depleting the opponent’s HP.

How do you raise affection levels in Tears of Themis?

If you want to increase affection, you can do so by reading stories and heading to the Visit section of the game. You will be able to read stories by unlocking cards in the game. In the Visits section of Tears of Themis, you will have to interact with a character in a particular area.

How does Tears of Themis Gacha work?

Tears of Themis is a turn-based gacha card game and detective adventure made by MiHoYo, the same guys behind Genshin Impact. Gameplay-wise, you engage in “debates” where you use your cards to deplete the HP of your opponent’s arguments.

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Can you date characters in Tears of Themis?

Everything you need to know about the Tears of Themis characters. Tears of Themis is another of Mihoyo’s titles, except this isn’t an open-world RPG like Genshin Impact. Instead, it’s a romance detective game – worlds apart from both Genshin and Honkai Impact 3rd. … Of course, all the characters below are romanceable.

Who is most popular in Tears of Themis?

The character Artem Wing is one of the most influential and famous characters of this game. Artem Tears of Themis, the character is one of the most popular character of the game at present.

Is Tears of Themis free friendly?

Tears of Themis will be available as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases on both the App Store and Google Play Store, with pre-registration now open.

Is Marius Z Tears of Themis?

Trivia. TBA. Marius von Hagen is a character in Tears of Themis.

Why does Luke have 3 years to live Tears of Themis?

Luke adds that he met with his doctor who prescribed him medication and informed him he has 3 years left to live, which to Luke is enough time to finish the job he was assigned. Energy in Tears of Themis. Required for playing quests. A player’s closeness with the male leads.

What is MC code name in Tears of Themis?

Trivia. MC’s codename in NXX is Rosa, which is 蔷薇 in Chinese.

Is there pity in Tears of Themis?

Tears of Themis features multiple types of Shadows of Themis (“banners”) where each has its own pool of Visions (manifesting as Cards) with separate pity counts.

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What is the max level for Tears of Themis?

Players can accumulate EXP to level up by simply playing quests and using stamina. Each quest gives its own amount of EXP, although most quests give about 20 EXP per stamina used. The current max level is 80.

Which cards have Private Messages Tears of Themis?

  1. Luke Pearce “Together with You”
  2. Luke Pearce “Once Upon a Time”
  3. Marius von Hagen “Falling with You”
  4. Marius von Hagen “Butterflies”
  5. Vyn Richter “Spilling Light”
  6. Vyn Richter “Entrapped”
  7. Vyn Richter “Morning Glory”
  8. Artem Wing “Staying Humble”

How do you read Private Messages on Tears of Themis?

How to Listen to Private Messages in Tears Of Themis? To listen to these message cards you will have to get certain upgrades. If you want to listen to any of the Private Messages you will have to evolve and level up that specific card up to Level 70.

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