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This problem of the respiratory tract attacks several people. The person with this disorder usually presents with a cough, feelings of tightness, or wheezing and labored breathing. This discomfort is caused by the irritation and swelling of the bronchial wall. The intensity, severity and duration of an asthma attack varies from one individual to another. But, symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, sneezing, coughing often occur in case of cold or humidity.

Usual and personalized prevention of asthma attacks

Generally, asthmatics use corticosteroids or a bronchodilator to calm this disease. But if ever the case worsens, do not waste time, contact your doctor quickly. That said, the best way to stop or fight against asthma is to have a regular follow-up and always make a diagnosis.

You can still learn to target what is the disruptive agent of your respiratory discomfort. Are the signs coming from pollen, tobacco, atmospheric pollution, viruses, allergens or other factors? Once the source is identified, you can treat, control and prevent possible attacks. Then, all you have to do is take the drugs adapted to the signals you feel. For the breathing difficulties continuous or persistent asthma, you must always continue to take the disease-modifying treatment even if there are no symptoms.

Living peacefully with asthma

Even with theasthma, it is possible to ensure a good living condition. Here are some tips to help you limit seizures:

  • Prefer rooms with a smooth floor and let in the sun.
  • Optimize leather sofas and double sheer curtains.
  • Choose the washable synthetic cover.
  • Avoid enclosed and dusty places such as the basement, garage or attic. As well as the chimney which is often a source of nitrogen dioxide diffusion.
  • Stay vigilant, especially on certain beauty and hygiene products in order to avoid the risk of allergies.
  • Close cupboards tightly to avoid dust storage.
  • Wash your sheets at least once a week.
  • Do not practice endurance sports.
  • Take a preventive treatment if you have to face risky situations.
  • Also try to have a healthy lifestyle.
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Herbs that fight asthma

It is much simpler, more practical and advantageous to treat asthma with natural products. Indeed, they serve as safe natural medication and at the same time offer a real pleasure in food. You can for example take camphor, white horehound, cardamom, flax, lungwort, green tea, imperative and lavender. All these foods have decongestant, stimulating, antifungal and expectorant properties. These widely and effectively promote the protection of people with this disease. You can also take advantage of fresh air early in the morning to improve breathing.


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