How to fight fatigue naturally and effectively?

One of the manifestations of fatigue is the decrease in functional power, accompanied by a feeling of weakness. Here are 7 natural products that can help the body benefit from a boost of energy.


Valerian is one of the plants that participate in theimproved sleep quality. For this purpose, it is the ideal remedy to overcome the fatigue occurring following episodes of insomnia. After a recuperative sleep, the feeling of fatigue will diminish.

Valerian is taken in the form of an infusion of the dried root (up to 3 g per 150 ml of boiling water). Drink half an hour before bedtime.


Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb. It improves the tonicity of the organism and allows to combat physical and mental fatigue. Therefore, it is suitable as a complementary treatment for people in convalescence or weakened.

To feel its benefits, boil 15 cl of water and 2 g of roots for 15 minutes. Drink the preparation 2 to 3 times a day.

Yerba Mate:

Thanks to the presence of caffeine, Yerba Mate stimulates the central nervous system. It helps to stay alert. It also helps to combat states of fatigue, both physical and mental. Commission E recognizes the effectiveness of this plant in the fight against asthenia.

Regarding the administration, it is often taken in the form of an infusion of leaves: up to 4 g of extracts for 150 ml of water. Drink 2 cups a day.


Eleutherococcus is one of the so-called adaptogenic plants. In case of fatigue or during periods of convalescence, it increases the vitality and tone of the body.

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There are currently tablets and fluid extracts of Eleutherococcus. However, it can also be administered in the form of a decoction (2 cups per day). To do this, boil up to 4 g of dry extracts and 150 ml of boiling water.


The kola seeds contain a high caffeine content. Historically, those who cross the Sahara desert chew them to benefit from the benefits of this compound. During the crossing, travelers could then face thirst, hunger and especially fatigue.

Commission E recommendations for dosage are 2-6 g of dried powder 2-3 times a day.


Spirulina has an interesting nutritional value. Indeed, it contains amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It thus helps to combat fatigue and gain energy and tone.

For dosage, doctors advise a scale dosage starting at 1 g per day during the first week.

Vitamin C :

Vitamin C is essential to the body insofar as it brings tone and energy to it.

For a sufficient daily intake, eat fruits rich in vitamin C. We cite kiwi, acerola and those of the citrus family (grapefruit, orange and lemon).


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