How to fight toothache naturally?

Whether green, brown, green or white, clay is used for therapeutic purposes and in cosmetology. It brings many benefits to the body and treats it externally or internally. These properties are healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Hence a clay poultice is used to relieve toothache.

To prepare the poultice with clay, it is necessary to take a container. The container should not be plastic or metal. Then, the clay powder or these pieces are placed there and impregnated with spring water. To mix everything to obtain a smooth paste, use a spoon or a wooden stick. Finally, we place it on the cheek, where we feel the pain for about an hour. Once dry, there is no need to keep the clay any longer. The pose should be spaced out. You have to alternate the poses if you suffer in different places.

Clove to fight toothache

Clove is the most used against these ailments. Thanks to the eugenol in this nail, it can fight against bacteria. Which allows to reduce tooth sensitivity as well as treat pain.

Its use is very simple. Just place it on the painful tooth. At the same time, one must squeeze the lower and upper jaw to fix it. As an anesthetic, it acts immediately.

You can also put 2 or 3 drops ofclove essential oil on a cotton swab. Then, it is applied to the painful area. We must not swallow it.

You should seek advice from a health professional before applying it to the sore tooth.

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It is a tonic indicated in case of severe fatigue. It has aphrodisiac effects and also cholagogue and choleretic properties. Mix with water, its powder can reduce dental pain. It is an active analgesic that acts like an aspirin.

To relieve toothache, use its consistent paste. This paste is obtained beforehand by mixing ginger powder with water. And, we soak a piece of cotton in it and wring it out to put it on the painful tooth. It should not be put on the gum. Ginger irritates the skin area. Thus, it retains the blood close to the skin. This helps reduce inflammation.

You can also mix its powder with that of the red pepper.

The red pepper

Red pepper is a natural painkiller for dental pain thanks to its richness in capsaicin molecule. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory. This allows it to relieve pain.

To counter the toothache, you have to mix the powder of the red pepper with water. A thick paste is then obtained. Then we take a cotton swab and dip it in the paste. It must be wrung out and placed on the tooth while avoiding any contact with the gums. It is a revulsive preparation. It retains blood by irritating the local area. Which leads to the alleviation of inflammation and pain.

sesame seeds

They are effective against toothache. This is due to its analgesic properties. To prepare the sesame seeds, bring a pot of water to a boil. Add the sesame seeds at the same time. For one serving of seeds, the amount of water is double. The water must evaporate by half to ensure the effectiveness of the preparation. Finally, it is applied directly to the painful area.

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Sometimes you have to consider dental implants

Very effective in fighting against these unbearable toothaches, clay like cloves or red peppers allow you to spend a moment feeling less in bad shape. But despite everything, toothache is a sign: one that you must quickly make an appointment with a qualified dentist. Otherwise the pain will resume and become more and more unbearable. The practitioner will be able to judge what to do with this tooth that hurts, depending on what he will detect.

Is it a major cavity, or a problem with the root of the tooth? Is there a decalcification somewhere or has the tooth necrosed on its own, as can happen? Anyway, you have to trust what he says, it’s the one and only solution to no longer have pain. Consideration should be given to having this tooth extracted, if it becomes significant. From then on, we will be reassured when placing a new dental implant, which will make it possible to solve the problem posed by the extraction: the hole left empty on the jaw, leading, by force of circumstance, to a modification in its way of eat daily.

Of course, it will be necessary before talking about the dental implant placement, consider several sessions at the dentist. First you have to clean the root or what is left of it, so as to ensure that there will be no infection. The next step may be to take the impression of the tooth, to ensure that the implant corresponds perfectly to the space left empty in the gum. Finally, it will take a long session, during which we can finally implant the ceramic element which will definitively replace the tooth itself and which will allow normal chewing to be regained.

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