How to find sponsors?


Find sponsors

High-level sport incurs huge expenses : equipment, food, food supplements, travel, hotels, as well as all costs inherent in the competition (registration, insurance, badges for accompanying persons, etc.). At the same time, having a professional activity in parallel is often complicated : training and competition travel making personal investment and presence in the workplace almost impossible. For this reason, all high-level athletes, professional or not, collaborate with partners who support them financially in their sports project. : sponsors.


Why a sponsor?

A sponsor is by definition a partner who financially supports a natural or legal person in the accomplishment of a well-defined project.. For athletes, it is essentially a matter of allowing performance to be achieved by covering the costs involved in high-level sport. Travel expenses, sportswear, food supplements, physiotherapy care, registration fees, etc. A sponsor can directly support certain costs such as providing equipment and sportswear, but he can also pay a salary to the athlete, who thus manages a budget himself.


Your duties to the sponsor

Contrary to a patronage which consists of a payment of money without expecting anything in return, a sponsorship contract involves interaction between the two parties. The athlete, in return for his salary or the equivalent, must be able to offer visibility, a return on investment. Most of the time, partners request placement of their brand or their products through the media (print, web, television), or through social networks. These last years, the visibility of brands and profiles on social networks such as Instagram or YouTube has become a norm, a virtual obligation. Product placements, integration of logos and content promoting a brand or product are the best way to get more visibility: more frequency, immediate interaction, ease of use, speed, etc. . Being in contract with a partner within the framework of a sponsorship implies, on the part of the athlete, a highlighting of the products or the brand in the majority of his publications. It’s an obligation that you have to be able to keep!


Optimize your visibility

  • With the Kinic agency Find the right tools to put yourself forward, to develop the right strategy and increase your chances of finding one or more partners.

  • One of the easiest and least time-consuming ways to get more exposure – for your sponsors, or to find a sponsor –is to work your social networks. Choose the theme that suits you best and find a logical frame so that people want to subscribe to your profile. Publish quality content, take care to write an interesting caption for your followers, and choose the right hashtags.

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