How to get better health with Rebirth?

To naturally relieve physical pain and muscle tension, there is a range of natural therapeutic methods. For example, you can access care based on the Rebirth technique, which is a psychotherapeutic approach. A spiritual philosophy based on the use of the breath (inspiration and expiration). Indeed, to modify the state of consciousness, Rebirth includes a whole series of breathing exercises. This breathing technique allows you to find spiritual, emotional, physical and psychic balance. It connects body and mind in order to bring everything into harmony and balance. It gives you the means to relive a past event in order to better understand blockages.

Rebirth, the very beginning of this natural treatment

Thanks to Léonard ORR (metaphysical researcher), Rebirth developed around the 1970s. Originally, the work focused in particular on hyper-oxygenation or deep breathing. Under the influence of a gentle method called “yoga”, this American decided to develop his technique. This technique manages to fit into the current of humanistic care in the 1960s. Deepened and then expanded in France via Dominique LEVADOUX, a French psychologist. In fact, it added new concepts and new notions of psychoanalysis. Rebirth was basically booming during the 80s.

Rebirth: its healing effects and its virtues on the body

With Rebirth, a simple breath can completely improve the condition of life and facilitate the change of attitude. Indeed, it invites letting go, good humor, joy of living, serenity and well-being. It promotes the health of the body in general. It allows a total toning of the whole body and ensures the lymphatic drainage. Thus, it has effects on certain psycho-functional, psychosomatic, muscular, emotional, renal, circulatory, psychological, respiratory, gynecological and allergic disorders. Very useful also in the field of personal development.

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What is the name of the practitioner working in this area?

The medical specialist involved in this type of therapy is called ” psychotherapist “. You need 10 sessions of 1 to 4 hours to really benefit from the virtues of this discipline. Its practice provides significant benefits in the medium, long or short term. At the beginning of the session, the practitioner and the patient carry out a verbal interview to find out the symptoms to be treated. At this time, the patient can also determine their specific expectations or the benefits they seek. Then he should lie down on his back. Eyes closed, he must focus all his attention on his body. It consists of a awareness of breathing. The patient then performs breathing exercises that are slow at first and gradually accelerated. It is about doing a continuous and conscious breathing for 45 minutes or 1 hour.


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