How to have a good memory and concentration?

Many suffer from loss of memory and concentration. Drug solutions are not effective in the long term. In addition, they can have harmful effects on the body. Why not opt ​​for natural solutions in this case. Here are the plants to treat these problems naturally.

Ginkgo biloba

The World Health Organization recommends the use of certain extracts of gingko biloba for memory and concentration. Recommended ginkgo biloba extracts are EGb761 and Li 1370 extracts. With these extracts, signs of hyperactivity, inattention and immaturity are reduced. Generally, the dose to be taken is 120 to 240 mg of extracts. But at the beginning of the treatment, it is necessary to consume only 60 mg per day and then gradually increase the doses. It takes 2 to 3 doses at mealtimes. The treatment lasts at least 2 months.


It is a plant used in traditional Indian medicine to treat cognitive disorders and attention problems. According to the tests and studies carried out, bacopa makes it possible to gain good memorization and good concentration in the short term. In the preparation of bacopa, extracts of bacosides A and B are currently used. These are the active substances of the plant. It is necessary to use 300 mg of extracts per day divided into 1 to 3 doses. Namely that side effects can appear after its consumption. This is the case with abdominal cramps or nausea.


Sage is known for its memory benefits. This treatment is especially recommended for prevent age-related cognitive impairment. Studies have been conducted on healthy older people. The results of the studies show that sage improves the memory and attention skills of the elderly people tested. Sages are available as dried leaf capsules, as an extract, or as an essential oil. The dose to be taken should not exceed 600 mg per day.

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green tea

For strengthen your memory, it will be necessary to consume green tea. The latter is recognized for its virtues in case of mild memory loss. This is due to its theanine composition. It is an amino acid in tea. After its consumption, one can notice connectivity between the parietal and frontal lobes of the brain. Thus, there is better temporary storage and manipulation of information. You must drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily to benefit from these benefits.


Boosting memory and concentration is possible with ginseng. It is a plant that has benefits on the cognitive functions and intellectual focus. It increases memory capacity in young and old people. The dose of ginseng to be taken per day is 3 g, 3 times a day. To consume ginseng, you can take the mother tincture, ginseng capsules or make a decoction.


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