How to improve the effectiveness of a fat burner with a suitable diet?

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How to improve the effectiveness of a fat burner with a suitable diet?

Fat burners are a category of dietary supplements that are very popular and highly sought after by people who want to slim down, lose weight, regain a flat stomach or increase their caloric expenditure. to lose weight faster. Fat burners are very effective products and many formulas promise rapid reduction of fatty tissue. However, many unscrupulous sellers fail to mention that to be fully effective, fat burners must accompany a diet intended for weight loss. Without this, you can only hope for more than stabilizing your weight, and observing a very limited and unsatisfactory fat loss. Here are the 10 rules to follow to increase the effectiveness of your fat burner choosing the right diet.

Rule n°1: cook yourself

Rule #2: Reduce Calories

Weight loss can only be observed when you consume fewer calories than you expend. This caloric deficit must be maintained during several weeks at least so that the body can destock the adipose tissue. Many are looking for diets that are easy, express or promise considerable weight loss without any effort. These types of diets will only help you yo-yo and jam the machine. Take time to lose weight by gradually reducing your caloric intake and taking care to stabilize your weight gently.

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Rule #3: Reduce carbohydrate intake

Insulin is a hormone that our pancreas releases when we eat carbohydrates. Depending on the carbohydrate source, this insulin secretion will be higher or lower. Of course, fast sugars are to be eliminated because they are the ones that reduce insulin sensitivity, by dint of incessant variations. But even the slowest carb sources can keep you from losing weight because glucose, derived from the metabolism of carbohydrates, is the body’s primary source of energy. In the presence of glucose in normal quantities, the body does not need to go to fats to find energy there.. Losing weight, or more precisely burning fat, requires a significant reduction in all sources of carbohydrates.

Rule #4: Take protein

Rule #5: burn more calories

To burn fat, the daily caloric balance must be in deficit. This can happen by consuming fewer calories, but also by expending more. Choose a sport that you enjoy, or do exercises that promote weight loss. At home, outdoors or in the gym.

Rule #6: Eat More Often

Rule #7: Take breaks

Do not take your burner every day and do not increase the recommended dosage. Thermogenic burners all contain a stimulant source such as caffeine. It elevates the metabolism, increases concentration, alertness, energy levels and reduces the sensation of pain. However, we all develop a certain tolerance to caffeine after a few days of use. To maintain the effectiveness of caffeine in its feeling, mark at least one day of break in the week, even two. Take your Monday-Friday fat burner for exampleand do not take it on Saturday and Sunday.

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Rule #8: start with protein

To better burn fat and lose weight effectively, Always start your meal with protein: meat, egg, fish, vegetable proteins. Then eat your vegetables and your small serving of carbs (last!). You will notice that you will eat your carbs with less appetite and sometimes you won’t even want to touch them. Or how to save calories effortlessly!

Rule #9: Eat more fiber

There are two forms of dietary fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber swells in the stomach as it fills with water. The result is a more pronounced feeling of satiety, and naturally reduced hunger and more restricted caloric intake. In addition, they require time to be digested and will make you feel more “full” for several hours.

Rule #10: Increase Omega 3s

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