How to make rice milk and what are its advantages?

Rice milk is a soft and digestible liquid, produced from water and rice of all varieties. It seems that it is very beneficial for the metabolism and the slimming diet. We’ll see what’s in it that makes it so virtuous for health? To answer this question, the composition of rice milk is simply rich. Indeed, it is fortified in nutritional intake and produces a lot of carbohydrates, essential micronutrients (vitamins, mineral salts, unsaturated fatty acids and proteins).

What is its real usefulness in the field of health?

The well-being of our body depends in particular on our health in its entirety. How to insure and keep the immune system working properly ? It is surely by eating foods favorable to the body. That is to say foods that protect it effectively. This is the case of rice milk, a all-vegetable drink that promotes health and well-being. A pure and perfect alliance of benefits (healing and gustatory). It is more the ally of the digestive system because it is easily digested. It therefore has a real power over the protection of the organs in connection with this organ. Which also gives it the ability to fight against all kinds of diseases (kidney, intestinal, stomach and liver).

The virtues and benefits of rice milk

Lactose-free, gluten-free and cholesterol-free milk, this drink contains less fat. It houses silica which is an essential element of cartilage and bone. This facilitates the fixation of magnesium and calcium. It can replace cow’s milk or supplement your daily water needs. It can also help you reduce your intake of refined sugars because it is naturally sweet.

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Rice milk production

You need 40 grams or 4 tbsp of rice and 1 liter of water. These ingredients allow you to obtain 1 l of rice milk. The principle is to let the mixture soak for at least 12 hours, then discard the water and rinse the rice. Then, boil 1 liter of water again, add the rice, wait 10 minutes, mix and sieve using a colander, cheesecloth or clean cloth. You can add oil, salt, agave and maple syrup in the preparation. You can also flavor it with chocolate, almond, vanilla or other flavors according to your preference.

Who can consume it?

Athletes, vegetarians, allergic to lactose, people with ultra-sensitive intestines, people who want to lose weight or simply those who care about their health are invited to drink rice milk. It is also very useful for diabetics.

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