How to make triceps work more effective?

Exercises and Material

Tricep muscle


Decline triceps extensions, with dumbbells or EZ bar

There is at least 10% more muscle activation of the triceps on a decline bench compared to a flat bench. More muscle activity means more fiber recruitment and therefore more muscle growth. The triceps are more stretched from this angle and we know that the more a muscle is stretched on a movement, the more it is solicited.


The decline version is also more effective for working the triceps because the shoulders are disengaged. These tend to offset the traditional flat bench and take the strain off the triceps. The decline position places a better range of motion for the triceps.

Focus on the side beam of the triceps with heavy

The most effective way to thicken the triceps is to focus on the side beam. The tight bench press, the decline press, and the military press are great choices for developing this bundle when locked in at the end of the movement (full extension). These exercises tax the triceps like no other because they allow you to get really heavy. Developing this lateral density of the triceps gives that famous “horseshoe” shape that many seek to acquire.

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