How to maximize your bodybuilding gains?

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Maximize your bodybuilding gains

If you have the impression of stagnating for a few months, it is because it is necessary to question yourself and create a new plan of attack in order to make your sessions and your time at the gym profitable.

Here are some tactics to put in place to maximize your muscle gains!

Train after eating multiple meals

Having eaten several meals before your session will allow you to have a better hydrated body, more awake and better able to perform effectively. More glycogen stores also means more energy. Knowing how to ingest the right amount of carbohydrates before and after exercise optimizes performance and recovery.

Make yourself a full pre-workout shake

The foods you eat before your sessions contribute enormously to your energy level. The same goes for supplements that also provide immense benefits. Ingredients to consider include: BCAAs which are crucial for energy and muscle repair, beta alanine which improves muscle endurance, creatine which supports muscle size and strength, and a nitric oxide precursor such as than arginine.

Balance your nutrition

Muscles are built in the kitchen just as much as in the gym. Pay special attention to your diet and don’t just think about protein! They are certainly the essential macronutrient to build muscle, but neglecting carbohydrates and lipids will harm you in terms of muscle building and recovery. Try to keep in mind that you also need quality carbohydrates and fats. Eating candies and cookies is surely not the best way to achieve the physique of your dreams, whatever people try to make you believe. Brown rice and sweet potatoes are solid choices, as well as fatty fatty fish and almonds.
However, simple carbs like white rice also have a positive impact on muscle building, especially when eaten before and after exercise. Indeed, rice is digested quickly and gives the body the energy necessary for performance.

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Work your muscles with optimal frequency

Muscles need a strong stimulus to grow. Train at least 4 times a week, focusing primarily on large muscles. Wait between 36 and 48 hours before working the same muscle again, in order to promote optimal recovery. The more often you can use your muscles without inhibiting their recovery, the faster you will gain mass.

If you eat like a normal person, you will have normal results

Impossible to get around this fact. To continue to grow, you need a sufficient calorie quota. Obviously eating when you don’t feel like it isn’t easy, but you don’t have to eat huge meals either. Your meal frequency should be the one that best suits your schedule. However, most experience better results eating 5-7 times a day. Eating often allows the stomach to adapt to the large calorie needs needed to build muscle. Protein synthesis is positively impacted by the frequency of meals, which is the assurance of gaining muscle mass.

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