How to naturally calm painful periods?

Every time, every month it’s the same story, the menstrual cycle is physiological. And despite the pain, menstruation produces positive effects on women’s metabolism. Indeed, it is the sign that shows that a woman’s body is working very well. Menstruation is bleeding from the vagina after an absence of fertilization. In some people, they are manifested by abdominal pain, dizziness and headaches.

The painful periods affect many fertile women (even half of young girls). In addition to being inconvenient, they frequently cause many problems. Indeed, these evils favor the inability to do things, absenteeism at work or at school. This can subsequently alter the social and professional life of the women who suffer from it. Painful menstruation can sometimes lead to significant medication intake. Fortunately, there are several natural solutions to remedy this.

How to fight against painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea?

Do you have heavy, medium or light flow? Whatever your case, you can at some point in your life suffer from painful menstruation. Faced with this situation, we tend to take medication to relieve them. In addition, one can easily access natural remedies to reduce pain. These traditional treatments have already proven their effectiveness since the dawn of time. We will then tell you about the different natural therapies that prevent or relieve menstrual pain. In fact, we give you some advice and tips from grandmother. These are effective solutions in appeasement and fight premenstrual pain.

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Does aromatherapy relieve period pain?

In the treatment of dysmenorrhea, you can fully enjoy the benefits of essential oils. The principle is simple: put a few drops of oil of your choice on the lower abdomen and massage gently. Reflex to be repeated twice a day for seven days. Here are some choices of essential oils allied to dysmenorrhea: lavender, marjoram, tarragon and basil. To better help you, you can also use 10 drops of sage and 10 drops of Yarrow. They are all involved in the regulation of hormone production and the premenstrual pain relief. Note that they must always be mixed with vegetable oils (borage oil for example). In order not to be mistaken in the doses, use 4 ml of HV and add a drop of HE.

Other natural solutions to calm this kind of ailments

To minimize pain and to live the rules better, there are many solutions. You can for example:

  • To rest,
  • Hydrate,
  • Adapt your diet,
  • Enjoy a belly massage,
  • Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation (sophrology, reflexology, yoga),
  • Choose comfortable hygienic protection (period panties),
  • Use natural dry or water hot water bottles.

One can also use antispasmodic medicinal plants such as raspberry leaves in an infusion.


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