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St. John’s wort or hypericum perforatum (unscientific) is a natural therapeutic remedy from around the world. Indeed, it can be found almost everywhere except in desert areas and arctic countries. Its name means in full: a thousand holes, because if we examine its leaves more closely, we have the impression that they are covered with very many small perforations that look like translucent glands. Subclass dilleniidaie and genus hypericum, it belongs to the family Hypericaceae (hypericaceae). For more than 2000 years, it has been frequently used in the form of red oil (a maceration of the young leaves in olive oil). This shrub, 5 to 10 m high, is home to magnificent flowers with a shade of yellow color and fruits in dry capsules. It richly contains an essential oil, as well as hypericin, soft resin, germacrene-D and phenolic acids.

St. John’s wort to improve health

The virtues of this therapeutic plant are mainly used for its effect antidepressant and its good-looking function. Indeed, it effectively regulates major stress, mood disorders and all problems related to depression (mild or moderate). This plant is also a natural painkiller, a powerful anti-inflammatory, a reliable healer and slightly anti-infective. It treats bumps, bruises, urinary and kidney infections.

St. John’s wort in herbal medicine (form and use)

After the transformation of the floral tops, the herbal products based on St. John’s wort are manufactured in the form:

  • oily liquid full of aromas,
  • of dry, solid or liquid extract,
  • mother tincture of the leaves,
  • plant powder,
  • and infusions.
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What other reasons should lead us to take it?

St. John’s wort acts effectively on burns or skin irritations, joint and muscle pain. Its oil has an ultra soothing property that treats sleeping troubles or traumatic and inflammatory concerns. In addition, it can relieve stretch marks, or even eliminate them. Ideal for optimizing the healing of mucous membranes and keloids. St. John’s Wort provides psycho-emotional comfort and energetic well-being. It can probably help in the smoking cessation. This Saint-Jean herb is also available in pharmacies.

Known risks and contraindications

For serenely use St. John’s wortit’s necessary :

  • keep it out of reach of young children;
  • gradually reduce the doses during a cure (instead of stopping suddenly);
  • Avoid contact with eyes ;

The use of this plant is not recommended for people allergic to this species of plant, pregnant or breastfeeding women and small children (- 6 years old). It is also prohibited in individuals who have fertility problems and who suffer from certain diseases (Alzheimer’s, bipolar or schizophrenic disorders). It also has pharmacological interactions. Therefore, not to be used during an oral contraceptive cure.


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