How to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of Kalium Bromatum?

Kalium Bromatum is a homeopathic medicine whose strain is prepared from potassium bromide. It is a salt composed of bromide and potassium ions. In appearance, it is in the form of colorless crystals, or sometimes, white in color. Its chemical formula is KBr.

In terms of uses, this salt is mainly used in the photographic and pharmaceutical industry. In the first, the bromide ions of the salt act on the silver halosalts not activated by light. In the second, because of its anticonvulsant and sedative effects, it is the main treatment for epileptic seizures. Note that many countries, such as Germany, approve this application. However, the United States, through the Food and Drug Administration, prohibits the use of this salt in human subjects.

Finally, taking potassium bromide for a long time or at a high concentration can lead to the appearance of some undesirable effects. Nausea, depression, lack of memory and concentration, headaches and tremors are cited. Bad breath, inconsistency in speech flow, loss of reflex and sensitivity may also occur.

When should Kalium Bromatum be used in a therapeutic setting?

Psychic troubles :

This homeopathic remedy helps treat psychological disorders in children. Its main indication is psychomotor instability, the main signs of which are restlessness and agitation. The child tends to unconsciously manipulate small objects. His hands and fingers are often the subject of uncontrollable agitation. Other manifestations of this disorder in children are night terrors, bruxism and waking up screaming.

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In adults, the psychological disorders manifested by physical and intellectual asthenia. The subject exhibits the following signs:

  • Memory fault
  • Difficulty understanding and assimilating certain information
  • Childhood behaviors
  • Depression

The subject may also exhibit the same signs of psychomotor instability of children.

Skin disorders:

Dermatologically, this drug acts mainly on the sebaceous glands. It thus makes it possible to treat cases of seborrhoea. It also treats other forms of dermatosis such as acne (indurated, remodeled, pustular or even cystic) and papulo-pustular eruptions. In general, these skin lesions appear on the face, back and chest.

Other indications for Kalium Bromatum are:

  • Spasmodic coughs
  • Nocturnal enuresis in children

The modalities of aggravation are the night (at the new moon), intellectual effort and annoyances. The methods of improvement are physical activities.

How to administer it?

For the treatment of these pathologies, the recommended dilutions are in 9 to 15 CH. In terms of dosage, take 3 granules 2 to 3 times a day.

In case of spasmodic cough, take HYOSCYAMUS to complete the treatment based on Kalium Bromatum.

In addition, to treat papulo-pustular eruptions, Tuberculinum residuum represents a good alternative to this homeopathic strain. However, a consultation is necessary to determine the appropriate dosages.


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