How to take whey for a successful mass gain?

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How to take whey for a successful mass gain?

Whey is probably the most researched and popular protein powder supplement in sports nutrition, especially for muscle building. If the gainers are the references that we think of in the first place for mass gain, know that it is a process that can be carried out successfully. with maximum results by choosing the right whey protein supplement. What whey for mass gain? And how to use it to get the best benefits?

What is a mass gain?

A calorie diet

A specific training program

Mass gain programs also include a training plan adapted to weight gain, based on training with heavy loads and polyarticular exercises. The principle ? Involve a maximum of muscle fibers and joints in each movement, to optimize hormonal balance, protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Which whey to choose for mass gain?

whey concentrate

Whey concentrate is the first product obtained after separation of casein and whey in milk. It is rich in protein, BCAAs, peptides, and is partially defatted and lactose free. Its assimilation speed is around 1h30 and its texture is light and creamy. Whey is the most effective protein for anabolism and therefore protein synthesis, which makes it a reference of choice for muscular progress. Whey concentrate contains about 80% proteinthe remaining 20% ​​constituting carbohydrates and lipids.

The isolate

Whey isolate is whey protein that has undergone an additional filtration process. The overall composition of the product is similar to whey concentrate, but it contains less fat and lactose. Isolate is therefore a protein to be preferred by those who are intolerant to it. It usually contains 90% proteinno sugar and very little lactose.

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How to take your whey for maximum results?

Whey is in itself a low-calorie product, which contains only protein. And in mass gain, proteins must be ideally eaten with carbohydrates to maintain a positive caloric balance every day. Thus, combining your whey with oatmeal is a reflex that can bring you a mountain of benefits:

  • It contains enough carbohydrates to gain weight
  • Oats are a complex sugar that does not store as fat
  • Oats contain fiber which improves protein digestion
  • Oatmeal mixes easily and requires no pre-preparation

Get enough starchy foods in your diet

For those who are not fans of oats or who wish to increase their caloric intake to the extreme, know that your diet must contain, in addition to a lot of protein, a large amount of carbohydrates. If so, you are pursuing a pure muscle building goal, which may not be suitable for your goals.
Thereby, follow these few tips to achieve successful mass gain:

  • Consume 2-2.5g of protein per kg of body weight each day
  • Consume at least 6g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight
  • Add omega 3 to your supplementation program
  • Never forget to take BCAAs before and after every workout
  • Eat 4 to 6 meals a day, in which you distribute your macronutrient intake

The supplementation program for mass gain

  • Breakfast: 30 to 50g of oat flour mixed with 30g of whey protein
  • Lunch: 200g of white meat, 250 to 300g of brown rice (or sweet potato)
  • Afternoon snack: 30 to 50g of oat flour mixed with 30g of whey
  • Having dinner : 200g lean white or red meat, 300g starch (whole grain rice, sweet potato, quinoa, etc.), 200g green vegetables, 1 fruit of your choice
  • At bedtime: 1 apple, 30g of oat flour, 30g of whey, 2g of omega 3
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Never forget that mass gain requires higher energy intake than a muscle building program. Thus, whey protein is an excellent source of protein, but know how to combine it with a diet rich enough in carbohydrates and good fatty acids to obtain the best results.

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