How to take your creatine to maximize your results?

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How to take your creatine to maximize your results?

When to take your creatine? Before training, after, at any time? Does timing really matter? The answer will surprise you.

When to consume creatine?

The studies, however numerous on creatine, have not conclusively revealed the ideal and optimal time to use it. However, there are generally 3 schools among creatine users.

Before training

The pre-workout creatine argument goes something like this: more creatine equals more ATP, the energy molecule. More ATP means more force available to the muscles. More strength implies better activation of muscle fibers and greater loads lifted. More weight on the bar is often correlated with more muscle.

Post workout

On the other hand, the argument for taking creatine after training focuses on the fact that the muscles are nutrient-depleted at this time and are therefore very receptive to assimilating creatine. Mixing creatine, proteins and fast carbohydrates at this time would thus promote optimal assimilation … of the 3!

Anytime during the day

The argument of taking it at any time of the day is based on the assumption that the 2 preceding arguments are superstitions. It is therefore a question of not stressing over the timing because from the moment you take your daily dosage, the results will be there.

What research tells us

The post-workout creatine theory has received positive confirmation from a study published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, who studied a group of 19 bodybuilders by giving them 5 grams of creatine either before or after training. They trained 5 times a week and also took 5 grams of creatine on their days off, at any time of the day. The study became popular because it highlighted the fact that taking creatine after training is more effective than taking it before. However, this difference in efficiency is in no way significant because it is less than 5%! The researchers therefore suggest that there is a difference, but it is extremely small.

The best way to take creatine

Thus, even the most recent research has in no way established conclusions as to the ideal timing. Camp 3 therefore seems the most objective. By distributing its daily intake around training, most practitioners nevertheless obtain good results and this dosage seems more practical to set up.. The optimal dosage remains between 2 and 5 g per day for an adult man. A loading phase can be carried out during the first 5 to 7 days of intake, but beyond that there is no benefit in taking large doses of creatine. Take your creatine portions in the way that suits you best and stick to the dosagesyou will get maximum result while saving money.

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