How to turn worries into positive thoughts? A video art therapy session explains everything.

Art is a good support medium because it is accessible to everyone. It is not necessary to have artistic talents or abilities, the important thing is to use art spontaneously, intuitively, as a means of expression. Therefore, art is also an excellent support for people who have speech problems or who do not want to express themselves through speech. In addition, art is therapeutic because it comes to touch our deep Being, this Creative Being that we all are.

Art to lighten up

Art is a simple, effective and fun way to get in touch with our emotions, our limiting beliefs, our blockages, our suffering. It is because we are going to become aware of them and that we are going to agree to free ourselves from them and to transform them that we will be able to evolve and express our creative potential. We develop Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem. We become creators of our lives!

The situation that we have all been experiencing for several months can generate limiting emotions such as anxiety, fears, anger, sadness, exhaustion, loss of bearings, …. In short, suffering.

Which is completely human. The important thing, to prevent these destructive emotions from affecting our morale and our health, is not to remain attached to them but to express them and free ourselves from them to transform them into spiritual emotions. In art therapy, to free ourselves from these limiting emotions, we proceed in several stages.

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Art therapy: a bonding session to get rid of your worries. That works!

Here is an art therapy session that I guide to help you, with a simple activity like collage, to get rid of your worries. This session is accessible to everyone, children and adults. don’t worry if you feel “bad” at drawing, art, self-expression, etc. no one will judge you. Don’t block yourself in advance by telling yourself that you have such worries that it won’t work. Let yourself be surprised by the result and the new sensations you will experience.

To your scissors and pot of glue, click here to start the session:

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