How to use a fat burner?

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How to use a fat burner?

Fat burner food supplements are both effective and very popular references in the world of sports nutrition. Not that they are miracle products or that they will make you lose 20 pounds overnight, but that they have a large enough field to offer concrete benefits to any diet for weight loss or muscle definition. . We have reviewed the best burners for weight loss in a previous article. Today we tell you how to use a fat burner to get the best benefits.

The mode of action of fat burners


A thermogenic fat burner contains at least one stimulant source, most often green tea or caffeine. By increasing the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine or adrenaline, caffeine increases alertness, body temperature and reduces fatigue. It puts the body in the optimal conditions to move quickly and with precision, and this process draws a lot of energy; which induces an increase in caloric expenditure, even at rest. It is common to see caffeine associated with white willow, green tea, forskolin, green coffee, tyrosine, or lipotropic ingredients like choline or l-carnitine.
The mode of action of the thermogenic burner lies in an increase in overall caloric expenditure which, in addition to a suitable diet, optimizes the destocking of fat.


The purpose of a lipotrope is to promote the utilization of mobilized fatty acids so that they become an available source of energy for the body. Fats are indeed very caloric and can provide a lot of energy to the body, twice as much as the same amount of carbohydrates! This is a godsend for athletes who have to manage long efforts, because fat constitutes an immense reserve of energy to sustain performance over a very long period. For this reason, many marathon runners or triathletes use lipotropics like l-carnitine to improve fat tissue utilization. In the context of weight loss, L-Carnitine acts in the same way: it helps the body to draw on fats to find energy there. Thus, this lipotropic burner is extremely effective when combining bodybuilding and cardio, especially HIIT.

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Fat and sugar sensors

They are not fat burners strictly speaking because they do not burn fat, but they promote weight loss. by capturing some of the sugars and/or fats directly in the stomach. In this way, part of the calories absorbed during a meal are not digested, and are therefore not stored. It is useful to know, before jumping on this type of product, that they act like soluble fiber and often have a laxative effect which can certainly encourage you to eat less, but which will certainly be very unpleasant for you. Only use them when you are sure you need to eat a lot, such as during family meals or during holidays.

Make good use of your thermogenic burner

To get the most benefit from your fat burner, be sure to use it as directed on the product label. Also, follow these tips.

Do not double the dosages to lose weight faster

You risk a caffeine overdose which can result in great nervousness, tachycardia, difficulty sleeping or mood disorders.

Take your burner early in the day

Caffeine takes full effect about 1 hour after its absorption, but its effect persists for hours. So as not to find yourself in an abnormal state of nervousness before sleeping, take your fat burner no later than 3 p.m.. Most often the dosage is one taken upon rising, then one second at the start of the afternoon, or 30 minutes before a training session for those who train at the start of the day.

Adopt the right diet

There are different types of diets with proven effectiveness, but we simply advise you to adopt a diet low in carbohydrates and saturated fats. Do not consume industrial food, prepared meals, sodas, sweets, appetizer cakes or the alcohols that go with them. The results observed by simply removing these foods from your diet may surprise you!

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Do not take your thermogenic every day

The thrill and boost that a thermogenic fat burner gives may tempt you to take it continuously. Corn caffeine is addictive and its stimulating effects diminish when consumed daily. To maintain the benefits of your fat burner over several weeks, take it 5 consecutive days then mark 2 days off.

Make good use of your lipotrope

Lipotropics are not stimulants and do not require as much care. That said, they should be used in the best conditions to achieve concrete effects.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of energy. If he has some available, he will use it to meet his caloric expenditure. If, on the other hand, it does not have any, it will draw on other energy reserves: stored fats first, and muscle amino acids in case of malnutrition. Lipotropics like l-carnitine help the body use fatty acids from fat mobilization for energy. If you do not reduce your daily carbohydrate intake, your lipotrope will not be able to be fully effective.. The amount of carbohydrates recommended in this case will be on average 100g per day for a woman, and 150g for a man.

Do some cardio

Combine the right lipotropic fat burners

CLA and l-carnitine are the most effective, well-researched and well-regarded non-stimulant fat burners. When one cannot or does not want to consume a caffeinated fat burner, the most effective option is to combine CLA and carnitine :

  • Take 1g of CLA at the start of each main meal (3g per day)
  • Take 1000 to 1500mg of l-carnitine 30 minutes before your workout
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