How to use crystals to improve your well-being

Lithotherapy or the use of crystals for the purposes of well-being, meditation or improving the quality of life is developing everywhere. But how can crystals help align you with the vibrations of the things you want? Whether it’s attracting a soul mate, getting more money, or improving your health, crystal devotees say there’s a crystal for everyone.

Crystals are said to carry powerful energies that can be harnessed to influence the energy around us and within us. Some believe it can aid in the process of manifesting one’s desires. Crystals are small, super powerful life forces that grow organically, similar to plants, animals, and people. But on a very different time scale. Furthermore, they carry an electrical charge throughout the crystal structure, known as piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity, defined as electrical polarization caused by mechanical stress, influences the vibration of the crystal as well as the user on an energetic level.

Although research on crystal healing is lacking, why not keep an open mind. Many people think crystal therapy is a placebo. If it improves a person’s quality of life, then why reject it because we can’t fully explain or understand it yet. Although current science does not support it, there is no harm in trying manifestation through crystals, especially if you keep your expectations realistic.

The best crystals to manifest your wishes

There are many different crystals that can help you manifest certain things in different areas of your life, according to crystal proponents.

money and success

– Pyrite: it attracts abundance and stimulates motivation in business and career.
– Citrine: A popular crystal for wealth and success, which fuels creativity and inspires ideas to generate money.
– Green Aventurine: Known as the stone of opportunity, it attracts aligned money opportunities.


– Rose Quartz: One of the most popular crystals for attracting love and enhancing feelings of self-love.
– Pink Kunzite: strengthens unconditional love and loving communication.
– Rhodonite: Attracts love by healing emotional wounds like heartache.


– Obsidian: helps dissolve blockages in your body, increasing energy circulation and flow.
– Quartz: known as the “master healer”, it creates an optimal vibrational state for healing.
– Amethyst: soothing, calming and healing for stress, tension and fear.

dreams and desires

– Celestite: can help you connect to greater and helps you remember your dreams, which can be useful for processing emotions
– Iron pyrite: eliminates feelings of inadequacy that can prevent you from achieving your dreams
– Clear Quartz: can help you gain clarity about what you want and is believed to raise your vibration to match your desires.

How to use crystals

Here are some common ways crystals can be used to manifest:

– the definition of an intention
– wear them
– place them in your home or in your environment
– meditate with them
– use them in rituals

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Set an intention

Setting an intention for your crystal essentially means giving it a purpose. To do this, write down your intention or say it out loud. To set an intention, place the crystal in your hand and focus on your intention as if it had already happened.

Setting an intention with your crystals

Try saying the following script, which can be customized to represent your individual desires:
“Thank you for coming into my life. I am excited to work with you and take care of you. I intend for you to support me for my highest good, to feel/manifest/receive XYZ into my life. Thank you.

wear them

Many people like to wear crystals as jewelry or keep them on throughout the day. The most popular crystals can be purchased as pendants, or you can slip one into your pocket to keep safe.

Keep them in your environment

If you don’t want to wear your crystals, you can place them around your house. Place the crystals in areas that correlate with your goal.
For example, pyrite and citrine could be placed in the office where money is made. They can also be carried in a bag or placed under a pillow at night.

Meditate with them

Combining crystals with meditation can amplify your manifestation abilities. Meditation allows you to silence resistant thoughts that may be preventing you from manifesting. She also thinks meditation can help you receive guidance on how to move on.
Crystals can be used as a focal point for people practicing mindfulness meditation. What we release energetically allows us to make space for new manifestations to flow into our experience.

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Don’t forget to clean your crystals

Clearing your crystals removes stagnant or unwanted energies and should be done regularly to maintain their purity.

To clean your crystals

– place them in a bowl of salt
– pass them under fresh water
– use sound healing tools, such as singing bowls
– place them in the light of the sun or the moon
– make a purification with incense, sage


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