How to use fennel in a therapeutic setting?

Fennel is a very popular vegetable plant both in cooking and in natural medicine. Cultivated mainly for culinary uses, it contains, in fact, many virtues very exploited in phytotherapy. Its beneficial effects on health are no longer to be proven. It also contains several active compounds. We distinguish fibers, isoestragol, vitamins A and C as well as minerals. This plant is part of the Apiaceae family. Its scientific name is Foeniculum vulgare or Foeniculum officinale.

Main uses in herbal medicine

Fennel helps improve the digestive comfort. By stimulating gastric and intestinal motricity, it opens the appetite and prevents digestive disorders. Its main indications are flatulence as well as inflammatory diseases of the intestines and stomach. It also helps treat colic in infants.

In addition, it develops anti-catarrhal and antispasmodic properties. Thus, it is useful in the treatment of respiratory disorders. A distinction is made between the flu, spasmodic coughs, bronchitis and asthma.

Finally, this medicinal plant acts on the uro-genital sphere. By mimicking the action of estrogen on the body, it enters the female disorder treatment. It alleviates, among other things, pain during menstruation and regulates menstrual flow. In women of advanced age, it helps to relieve the characteristic signs of menopause. At the gynecological level, it stimulates the milk production in breastfeeding women. Also, it treats various urinary tract infections.

Names of officinal preparations

Currently, there are several drugs and pharmaceutical preparations based on fennel. The most popular form is bulk extracts for the preparation of herbal tea or decoction. It also comes in capsule, powder, syrup, mother tincture and essential oil form.

Recommendations for use and dosage


In a cup of boiling water, infuse 1 teaspoon of plant extract for 15 minutes. Filter then drink 15 minutes before the meal or 1 hour after the meal. Limit yourself to 3 cups a day.

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For the dosage of infusions against infantile colic, it is necessary to refer only to the opinion of a health professional.


Before each meal, take 1 capsule and swallow it with a large glass of water.

Mother tincture:

For a cure lasting 25 days, take 15 drops of tincture twice a day after meals. Dilute the drops in a little water with each intake.

Essential oil :

For external use, dilute a few drops offennel essential oil in an oily preparation based on vegetable oil. Then rub the parts to be treated with the mixture obtained.

Distrust of use

I’use of fennel must be done under the supervision of a doctor at:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • children and babies

In addition, it is not recommended for people suffering from hormone-dependent cancer. In case of overdose, it causes hallucinations, tremors, convulsions and abnormal development of the mammary glands in little girls.


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