How to use white horehound and what does it offer?

White horehound is a therapeutic herb from Asia, Europe and North Africa. It develops thin, slightly wrinkled leaves and is part of the lamiaceae family. It is resistant to cold, drought, calcareous and dry soils. She shows her performance in medicinal herbalism. Indeed, it is especially famous for its virtues and its advantages on health. Regarding its name, it can be called: marrubium vulgare (scientific name) or virgin grass. This majestic herb is home to minerals, lactones and choline.

Protect the body well with white horehound

It takes more care of: respiratory conditions, kidney irritations, heart disorders, dental diseases, brain problems and skin burns. Specifically, inside it acts on the affected organs of the body, strengthens the immune system; and externally it supports good growth or skin health. It presumably helps people with diabetes. Indeed, it has virtues for treat cholesterol and blood sugar.

Herbal contribution of white horehound

The abundance of active components gives white horehound the natural ability to treat several diseases. Its virtues in phytotherapies are many and varied. It is used to produce lotions, poultices, injections, tinctures, decoctions, syrups (against coughs), extracts (dry or fluid) and infusions.

Preparation, dosage and advice on the use of white horehound

For extracts, add a small handful of leaf in water, and drink 1.5 ml per day of this mixture. For the wine making, you need 60 g of leaves and 1 l of wine according to your preferences. This liquid substance is to macerate for a whole week.

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The infusions (3 cups) are to be taken at a frequency of three times a day. To prepare them, put 1.5 g of tops in water and boil for 5 to 10 minutes. If you take them before a meal, they provide digestive effects ; if they are consumed throughout the day, they provide expectorant properties.

One can also drink the natural juice produced by the juice of this plant for a maximum amount of 2 tbsp (three times a day). Powders in the form of capsules and hangings require a medical recommendation.

When should you be wary of white horehound?

Its use is not favorable during the breastfeeding period (as a precaution) and especially during pregnancy. Indeed, a study has shown that it can stimulate the uterus and may promote an abortifacient effect. It is also not recommended for early childhood (0 to 12 years). White horehound does not essentially offer a beneficial action on blood sugar. Although it is edible, it is not really appreciated in the kitchen, because it has an extremely bitter taste and an intense aroma.


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