Hyperactivity in children, ADHD: vetiver essential oil works wonders

The prevalence of hyperactivity and attention disorders (ADHD) in children is 3 to 5% in an age group. It begins very early in childhood and often persists into adolescence and often into adulthood. A ne inhalation essential oils has shown very good effects on these suffering children.

Essential oils are one of the solutions to attention deficit disorders associated or not with hyperactivity (ADHD). ADHD is a syndrome which is characterized, let us remember, by the association of 3 symptoms:

– The 1st, central, the difficulty to sustain his attention, both at school (“child always in the moon”) and during games, to organize his time and to carry out routine tasks;

– – impulsiveness, responding before one’s turn, cutting off speech, interrupting conversations;

– – and the possible difficulty of remaining seated on a chair without squirming, as well as motor hyperactivity, this becoming less visible with age if it existed.

It often includes other disorders: shortened sleep, difficult learning (dyscalculia, dysorthographia, etc.), anxiety, addictions (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, video games); and in adolescence (11 to 19 years), emotional dependence with at the same time always an irresistible need to distance oneself from parents, or even experience depressive phases.

Hyperactivity in children and ADHD: causes and origins

The causes of ADHD are multiple: genetic and epigenetic: alteration of early relationships, postpartum maternal depression, educational difficulties, educational forcing. The cerebral lesions encountered are those of the orbitofrontal cortex, resulting in disinhibition of social behavior and loss of self-control; and the dorsolateral cortex, resulting in lack of organization, planning, attention, and working memory.

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Vetiver essential oil: significant reduction in symptoms

Essential oils used by olfactory way can serve as a serious supplement. That of vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanoides), taken every day for 30 days by deep inhalation, repeated 3 times in a row, showed good results during a clinical study carried out in 2009 by Friedmann in children aged 6 to 14, with reduction in ADHD symptoms and increased brain activity by electroencephalography, no effect having been observed with lavender.

The “Bourbon” origin and the high-pressure distillation of vetiver roots are guarantees of quality, important for obtaining good results.

It is now easy to find any type of essential oil on the market. Pay attention to their quality. They must at least all be labeled organic, organic, although that is not always enough to guarantee their quality.

The essential oils mentioned (Angelica, Sandalwood, Macis, Green Mandarin, Cistus, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon) as well as the Nigella and Myrrh balms are available on the website www.pierrefranchomme-lab.com

Pierre Franchomme is a leader in the field of medicinal essential oils. A true pioneer since 1975, he is notably the discoverer of several essential oils that are essential today such as ravintsara, tea tree, radiated eucalyptus, immortelle, fragrant inule… His immense research work has posed the bases of aromatic pharmacology, leading him to impose the fundamental notion of “chemotype” and to collaborate with prestigious organizations: Institut Pasteur in Paris, Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse, CNRS, and many others. Pierre Franchomme is also a teacher in Aromatherapy and founder of the humanitarian association Aromatherapy Without Borders.


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