Hypothyroidism: 5 plants and foods that are good for the thyroid

Hypothyroidism is the inability of the thyroid gland to produce enough thyroid hormone. Its dysfunction has an impact on the major physiological functions of the body: fatigue, exhaustion, feeling cold, body running in slow motion… Natural solutions can help you support the functioning of the thyroid.

Hypothyroidism is the most common disorder of the thyroid gland. It is three times more common in women than in men and its frequency increases with age, particularly after 65 years. Disabling dysfunction on a daily basis, certain herbs and food sources can help you support the thyroid naturally.

  • Ashwagandha: the plant that fights against hypothyroidism

  • The number one natural resource to help you support a deficient thyroid is ashwagandha, which helps with thyroid and adrenal issues. Ashwagandha is known as an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogenic herbs mean they help you adapt and cope with stress. Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Indian medicine. Other adaptogenic plants such as rhodiola or ginseng can also have a positive effect. But ashwagandha is perhaps most effective for naturally supporting overall thyroid health, especially as a natural treatment for hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s symptoms.

    According to a 2017 pilot study published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine, the benefits of ashwagandha in helping patients with subclinical hypothyroidism were evaluated. A thyroid disorder was diagnosed in all 50 participants, who had no obvious symptoms of thyroid deficiency.

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    Over an 8-week period, the treatment group received 600 milligrams of ashwagandha root extract daily, and the control group received starch as a placebo. Researchers found that ashwagandha significantly improved serum thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroxine (T4) levels compared to placebo. It was concluded that ashwagandha may be beneficial in normalizing thyroid levels in patients with hypothyroidism.

  • Selenium to help raise the level of the T4 hormone

  • Selenium is the second substance to consider for overall improvement of thyroid function. The benefits of selenium are key – in fact, selenium has very powerful antioxidant-like functions. Studies have shown that selenium helps balance T4 levels in the body. Regular intakes of selenium are beneficial for thyroid function.

    Foods high in selenium include:

    • Brazil nut
    • canned sardines
    • Liver of beef
    • Chicken

    – Eggs

  • Group B vitamins including thiamin (Vitamin B1) and vitamin B12

  • B vitamins can also help you improve thyroid function. There are two specifically worth mentioning: thiamin (vitamin B1) and vitamin B12. If a person follows a vegan or vegetarian diet, they will surely be lacking in vitamin B12 and will probably also be deficient in thiamine.

    Vitamin B12 benefits thyroid health by balancing hormones naturally and treating chronic fatigue syndrome.

    The best foods containing vitamin B12 are:

    • Liver of beef
    • Sardines
    • raw cheese
    • Lamb
    • Eggs
    • Salmon

    Foods rich in thiamin (vitamin B1) are:

    • Peas
    • asparagus
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Sesame seeds
    • Sun-flower seeds
    • Pistachios
    • Herring
    • Ground flax seeds
    • Spinach
  • Probiotics: bacteria that soothe gut inflammation

  • Probiotics are essential for digestive function. Thyroid conditions are sometimes associated with a health condition called irritable bowel syndrome. A protein such as gluten can seep through the walls of an inflamed intestine, enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation throughout the body, including the thyroid gland. Irritable bowel syndrome can be cured by eating foods rich in probiotics.

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    Choose foods such as:

    • kefir
    • lacto-fermented vegetables
    • Kombucha


  • Peptidases or proteolytic enzymes to reduce inflammation and autoimmune reactions

  • Proteolytic enzymes are enzymes that break the peptide bonds of proteins. They reduce inflammation, especially if you have an autoimmune thyroid condition such as Hashimoto’s disease. Taking proteolytic enzymes like bromelain may benefit thyroid health by reducing thyroid inflammation.

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