I am a woman and I want to gain strength. How to do ?


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Should women train the same way as men? To put it simply, in the long term yes, but as a beginner for the first few years, no.. When strength levels are high enough, after about 2 years of training, the differences lessen and women can begin to train similarly to men.

start bodybuilding


As a woman, here’s what you need to consider when starting bodybuilding:

A more sustained training frequency is crucial for women. It is necessary to do at least 3 workouts per week working the whole body for maximum gains in the early years.

Because of their low testosterone levels, a woman’s training volume should be lower in terms of sets and number of exercises. The volume of work must on average be reduced by 20 to 35% over all sessions.

The female muscular system in question


It’s harder for women to get muscle hypertrophy, not only because of hormones but also because women have less muscle fiber than men, except in the lower limb. Generally, women have stronger thighs than men. Have you noticed the level of development of the thighs of the CrossFit competitors compared to their upper body? The difference is impressive.

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