Ideal breakfast for better weight control in women

Eating high-protein foods like eggs for breakfast decreases hunger pangs for the rest of the day and may help lose or maintain weight.

There are many studies on breakfast, most show its great importance in the daily diet. Some nutritionists believe that it is the most important meal of the day, other specialists are more moderate and think that it is as important as the other two (lunch and dinner), neither more nor less.

The composition of breakfast varies greatly from one country or region to another. In nutrition, eating breakfast is an important subject that is the subject of numerous studies and that often comes up in the media. In France bread and dairy products are often the basis of breakfast, cereals are however more popular among the younger generation. Tea, coffee and orange juice are often taken as drinks for this first daily meal.

A breakfast rich in protein can reduce the feeling of hunger throughout the morning

A US breakfast study showed that eating a protein-rich breakfast of eggs or sausages decreases feelings of hunger (satiety) for the rest of the morning, at least in women.

Women aged 18 to 55 (in pre-menopause) were asked to answer a questionnaire before and after breakfast, in particular on their feeling of hunger at different times of the morning. All of the participants’ breakfasts contained around 300 kcal, although some were higher in protein than others.

The researchers who participated in this study believe that a protein-rich breakfast avoids being too hungry the rest of the day, and we know that snacks eaten during the day are often richer in sugary and fatty products than the 3 main meals.

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Better weight control in postmenopausal women

The study did not focus on postmenopausal women, but we can imagine that having a hearty, protein-rich breakfast after menopause is also excellent advice. We know that women in menopause tend to gain a lot of weight if the evening meal is rich in sugars.

Opt for eggs

In most French-speaking countries, except perhaps Canada, eating eggs for breakfast is not common. But why not make an effort based on this new study, and therefore take the best of Anglo-Saxon and Germanic culture, while maintaining its eating habits like a good slice of bread with butter and jam. Choose wholemeal (or black) bread if possible, as it is richer in fiber and important nutrients for the body.


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