Improve your body control with an ECHO approach!

Have you ever used the ECHO approach? Many professionals recommend this innovative method in addition to certain treatments. It is very practical in case of anxiety or stress. It is also very effective in case of pain or emotions rising to the surface. This approach is a real asset in controlling emotions or reactions.

ECHO approach: what is it?

The ECHO approach is suitable for psychological treatments as well as physical. It refers to several elements attached to the exterior. As its name suggests, it helps you resonate with yourself. It is based on four dimensions: current, interior space, imagination and harmonization. She uses different techniques to release all blockages in the body, the cause of ill health. According to this approach, an internal imbalance is the source of different diseases. Therefore, unlike some treatments, it does not intervene directly on the signs of these diseases. This ECHO method focuses particularly on the natural mechanisms to bring about healing. It offers changes within man. His intervention leads to changes in your behavior, your body including your mind.

What is its genesis?

The initiator of the ECHO method is Dr. Jean-Charles Crombez and his team. The approach of this Professor is based on the events he organized such as the therapeutic relationship or poetry. However, the reformulation of this approach occurs in the 1980s. This specialist continues to put forward this method by writing books or articles around it. He continues his experimentation directly within a modern hospital center, at the Notre-Dame du CHUM hospital. Currently, this ECHO approach, combined with other treatments, improves your well-being and relieves some symptoms.

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What are its benefits ?

This method considers that the organism forms only one, its whole functions with the same dynamic. The natural life processes of a person weaken or block in case of health problems. People who have experienced this ECHO approach advance several positive effects concerning him:

  • It encourages personal development. Thus, it helps you to assert yourself even more and to clearly specify your expectations and your needs;
  • It creates creativity and offers a feeling of liberation;
  • This ECHO approach facilitates the connection with the body;
  • It improves your physical condition and aims for psychological well-being;
  • It brings peace of mind and offers more control over the various events.

This ECHO method therefore pushesself-healing through your growth.

How does each session of this approach work?

You want you initiate to an ECHO approach for your inner peace? Know that this method is carried out within a very specific framework. It is carried out in groups of 8 people or 16 people, and requires several meetings. Each meeting allows the participants to recognize their desire more and more. It does not seek any particular technique and integrates exchanges. During the meeting, you can choose between several positions: sitting or lying down. Whatever your choice, the goal is to adopt a comfortable position. Once comfortable, you must listen to the instructions concerning the exercises to be carried out. These guidelines will help you better feel and see what is happening within you. They encourage you to focus on your images, your feelings or your emotions. The exercise can, for example, be based on questioning sessions to highlight a part of your body.

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