Improve your concentration with the Vittoz method

By dint of repeating actions daily, some of them lose their meaning. The Vittoz method then makes it possible to make everyday gestures, considered trivial, worthy of meaning. This therapy of happiness allows you to embellish your daily life while getting rid of your fatigue or your stress. It helps you to easily accommodate the usual sensations. One of the advantages of this technique, it can be done on its own.

What is the Vittoz method?

The Vittoz method is a psychosensory rehabilitation technique. It involves performing simple exercises repeatedly. This therapy is based on brain control theory. The exercises performed promote your presence and concentration through sensory perceptions. In other words, they push you to learn how to listen to yourself or think again. They require the use of your 5 senses, and most of the time begin with receptivity exercises. To better facilitate them, these workouts can also be practiced on objects that surround you or that you usually use.

Who is at the origin of this psychosensory method?

Following his exhaustion and scarlet fever, Roger Vittoz wanted to find methods to recover his faculties. This doctor was looking to identify recovery techniques to help him continue his work quietly. In order to be able to heal himself, he therefore designs the Vittoz method. Being his own patient, he sees several beneficial effects obtained through this technique. He then decided to prescribe it to his patients suffering from different diseases, and the results were very convincing. Thus, until his death, he used his method to treat his patients or to relieve their pain. Today, many therapists continue to use it in the treatment of their patients.

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What are the advantages of the Vittoz method?

Thanks to sensory exercises carried out, the Vittoz method offers many advantages to the body:

  • It repairs insomnia, which appears to be caused by a deficiency in brain control. This insufficiency generates phobias, parasitic ideas as well as sleep problems;
  • It evacuates your parasitic thoughts or the manifestations of obsessive compulsive disorder;
  • This method contributes to the reduction of ruminations;
  • It leads to resting your body to better evacuate anxiety and stress;
  • It reduces dispersion problems and remedies attention or concentration disorders;
  • It is effective in case of depression, and gets rid of your dark thoughts;
  • It offers peace of mind to the patient and reduces all his anxieties.

What exercises are practiced?

As stated earlier, the Vittoz method requires the use of the senses. As a result, it begins with exercises focused on controlling actions. The practitioner therefore recommends exercises around the senses or walking. To do this, he recommends:

  • Movements around touch, consisting of taking an object to better feel the sensations experienced;
  • Walking exercises pushing the patient to have a better awareness of sensations. This will also allow to analyze its movements;
  • Activities on hearing and sight to better concentrate on a noise and fixate on a thing.

In general, the method relies on the will of the person concerned and on his concentration.


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