Improve your mine with mesotherapy!

Do you have orange peel skin? Is your skin becoming dull? Do you notice hair loss? Today, these skin problems can now be solved with an injection. This technique is called mesotherapy and it is used more and more in aesthetics. Combining well-being and health, it is currently being used in many healthcare establishments.

What is mesotherapy?

Appeared in France for more than 50 years, mesotherapy consists of injecting drugs, low doses. This injection is done under the dermis or under the deep layer of the skin. It is a kind of medical technique that only requires the use of a small amount of medication. However, the injection is done directly on the area to be treated. For drugs used, this is usually thehyaluronic acid, very fluid, mixed with other elements. Among other things, there are vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and antioxidants. It also contains some anti-aging substances. If it is often recommended as an anti-aging treatment, it is also used to treat certain pathologies. In fact, this technique soothes neck painremedy the hair loss and treats osteoarthritis.

Who is the initiator?

The general practitioner Dr. Michel PITOR is at the origin of mesotherapy. Moreover, he is the initiator of many mesotherapy companies. He created it in 1952 and wanted to sum it up in a few words “Little, rarely and in the right place”. With this expression, this doctor indicates that the treatment is done in low doses and is injected in the right place. Moreover, it must be said that this technique is taught today in many faculties of medicine. There is even an inter-university diploma of mesotherapy at the end of the training.

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What are the impacts of mesotherapy on the body?

Currently, even though it is offered by many physicians, the actual benefits of mesotherapy are not explicit enough. Indeed, there are not yet enough scientific studies on this subject. However, it seems to act on a good number of pains and symptoms:

  • This medical technique relieves pain caused by rheumatism or sports injuries;
  • It treats pathologies such as herpes or shingles;
  • It is effective in case of stretch marks;
  • It treats alopecia areata and prevents or slows down hair loss;
  • In aesthetics, it fights against cellulite and the effects of aging;
  • It gives a healthy glow to the skin and reduces wrinkles;
  • It reduces some scars.

What are the different stages of this therapy?

For practice mesotherapy, the mesotherapist or dermatologist performs various superficial injections directly on the area to be treated. This specialist can also do them around the areas to be treated. To perform these injections, he uses a needle no longer than 13 mm and an electric injector gun. Nevertheless, some practitioners perform them manually. For the number of sessions and injections, it depends on the conditions to be treated. A simple injury may require a single session, while chronic illnesses sometimes require nearly 15 sessions. But in general, the sessions must be spaced out by several days, or even a few months. For injections, these are practiced on three types of layers of the skin. It can be done:

  • On the epidermis or the superficial layer of the skin;
  • At the limit of the dermis and the epidermis;
  • at the level of the superficial dermis.
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