Improving sports performance: success factors

Improve your sports performance

5 physical qualities stand out in sport: strength, speed, endurance, coordination and flexibility. In the world of bodybuilding, it is essential to develop the qualities of strength and endurance, which are both involved in the process of building muscle. Depending on the training cycle you follow, you will need to develop certain abilities, to cycle throughout the year to achieve a lean, muscular physique.

When should you improve your strength?

Nutrition to improve strength

Training to improve strength

Food supplements for more strength

Pre-Workout boosters

These workout boosters contain stimulants (usually caffeine), as well as ingredients that optimize workout performance: better vascularity, better nutrient transport, better congestion, more strength, and better muscle recovery between workouts. series.

When should you build up your stamina?

Nutrition to improve endurance

Training to improve endurance

Dietary supplements to improve muscular endurance

Virtually all endurance-boosting supplements are, directly or indirectly, fat burners.

By oxidizing fats which are then used to provide energy to the muscles, these “fat burners” do double duty.


All thermogenic fat burners contain it and are therefore also very useful for building endurance, in addition to burning fat effectively. Depending on your caffeine tolerance, choose a fat burner such as Burner XT or Burner FG (if you’re female). These supplements will allow you to surpass yourself while helping you achieve excellent muscle definition.

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