Improving your performance: mistakes to avoid

Improve your sports performance

To become stronger or more enduring, you will have understood that it is necessary to respect food and training rules. However, you will probably encounter some difficulties. Wikifit takes stock of the mistakes not to make to achieve your sports goals.

Improving your performance: the big nutrition mistakes

Overlooking the value of performance nutrition is one of the most serious mistakes that will prevent you from improving your athletic performance.

Mistake #1

Underestimating the value of proper nutrition is one of the biggest mistakes in nutrition. When one seeks to develop physical qualities, the muscular fibers must be nourished in an optimal way. Whether it’s building strength or building endurance, adapt your eating plan according to the advice we’ve given. Vou will be surprised to see how crucial nutrition is in any sports project.

Mistake #2

Avoid dietary supplements. Food supplements provide what diet cannot give you: micronutrients, isolated amino acids, sufficient creatine, recovery products. Getting stronger or more enduring won’t happen if you don’t provide the building blocks your muscles need.

Mistake #3

Eat too much. When we try to gain strength, we think of mass gain or weight gain. This is not false, since strength cycles often take place in mass gain. However, gorging on anything and everything will not feed your muscles, it will simply suffocate them.. If too many nutrients have to be metabolized at the same time, the muscle fibers will only benefit from a part of what you have consumed: this is the “funnel effect”. The more you put in, the less it passes. Keep in mind that poor nutrition will prevent you from progressing, this is an absolute rule.

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Mistake #4

Not eating enough. When you want to gain strength, undernourishment is the best path to poor performance and injury. To improve their endurance, many people will have the reflex to lighten their diet to the extreme: to feel lighter, but also to burn more fat. It’s a mistake either way.. Muscles need to be properly fueled to perform and in endurance sports, it is essential to provide the proteins and lipids that the muscles need, not to mention the carbohydrates that will optimize muscle recovery. Follow our nutritional advice and don’t skip any meals.

Improving your performance: the big training mistakes

Misconceptions, lack of recuperation and unplanned work inevitably lead to failure.

“To be stronger, push hard. To be more enduring, run for a long time”. If everything were that simple!

Follow our training tips to improve your performance, and bypass the most common mistakes.

Mistake #1

Overtraining. Wanting to train too much to go faster will only slow you down. Know that muscle recovery is an integral part of your training and that you won’t progress if you don’t take care of your recovery. In strength cycles as in endurance cycles, do not do more than 3 sessions per week. Get enough sleep, at least 7 hours a night.

Mistake #2

Neglecting the warm-up. No one can embark on a challenge like a heavy or split session without first warming up their muscles. Insufficient warm-up is the number one cause of injury. And injuries are the first causes of abandonment and poor performance.

Mistake #4

Not listening to each other. There are days when you feel tired, feverish or upset, depending on the life you lead. If you really don’t have the energy or the concentration to do your session properly, it’s better to postpone it. You can’t always be at 100%, but you really can’t train effectively if you’re only at 10% of your abilities.

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Mistake #5

listening to each other too much. There is a happy medium. If you skip a workout at the slightest sneeze, you’ll quickly lose focus and motivation. Know how to distinguish the true from the false.

5 points to remember to improve your performance

Points to remember to improve your performance

Think about your recovery

Sleep at least 7 hours a night and do no more than 3 sessions per week. Consider consuming recovery supplements such as BCAAs, creatine or ready-made formulas such as Recovery HT.

Don’t forget your supplements

Consume your food supplements on a regular basis. BCAAs, creatine or any other fat booster or fat burner will only be effective if you consume them as prescribed. For those who wish to save money by consuming them only occasionally, know that it is better not to take anything at all.

Avoid injuries

At all costs ! Whether it’s endurance or strength, learn to take care of your body so as not to injure yourself : stretching, physiotherapy, cryotherapy and massages allow you to recover optimally and keep you away from injuries.

Take notes

Go to the weight room with a notebook on which you will write down your session, but also the exercises chosen, the loads handled and any useful information. All noting allows you to better understand the training and to concretely monitor its progress.

Stay on track

Install yourself in a logic of performance, and put all the chances on your side. Motivate yourself, stay disciplined and learn about yourself during this process of progression.

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