Improving your physical condition: the success factors

Improve your physical condition

Deciding to get back in shape is a first step towards success. But this will not be enough to direct you to the result you want to obtain. Multiple difficulties will cast doubt and push you to change direction. Discover how to position yourself in a positive and constructive dynamic, in order to advance step by step towards your objective and achieve it. There is no good time to get back in shape, but many take advantage of the start of the school year or the start of the year to make good resolutions. The choice is yours. On the other hand, once the process is launched, stay on track and settle into a conducive environment.

A few tips

Choose a room near you to train

Having to drive miles to do your session will quickly become a brake and sap your motivation.

Keep your goal in mind

Do not hesitate to hang somewhere or put in the background a photo of your fitness goal (an or an athlete that you admire for example) in order to keep it in mind every day.

Find a training partner

If possible as motivated as you. It’s easier to stay consistent in training when you have an appointment at the gym and you know you’re going to have a good time with your training partner.

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make lists

So as not to forget to go shopping or to prepare your meals if necessary, the imperatives of your schedule, the content of your session. Making lists frees the mind from the fear of forgetting. And the fear of forgetting is more stressful than the task at hand.

Talk about your goals around you

Your spouse, friends, parents or children can be of great help. In addition, talking about your ambitions commits you concretely.

Go shopping

Buy a few outfits that you will only wear to practice. Choose comfortable outfits and a pair of sports shoes, as well as a bag that is always ready: shaker, towel, shoes, sportswear. Training is part of your schedule, give it the importance it deserves.

Weigh yourself regularly

It is not useful to weigh yourself every day. But once a week, it is good to take stock of your body weight. In order to make this fitness period more dynamic, do not hesitate to take photos regularly, and to classify them by date, with the corresponding body weight. This will allow you to observe your evolution and your progress, in addition to giving you precise indications on your state of form according to your body weight.

The importance of nutrition

Needless to develop on the benefits of a balanced diet. Health and longevity depend on it. In this period of fitness, it is advisable to set up a coherent food strategy, by applying a few basic principles:

Eat at least 3 meals a day

The training in question

Cardiowhich you will place either after bodybuilding or on a day dedicated to it, must be intensive. Do ranges for about 30 minutes: 1 minute at a moderate pace, then 1 minute of acceleration. This cardio program will help you mobilize stored fat. But in addition to burning fat, this type of cardio will strengthen your cardiovascular system.

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Food supplements

Problems you may encounter

problems encountered during fitness
Take stock of the problems you may encounter in your fitness process, so you don’t waste time and reach your fitness goal faster

Your loved ones do not support you and eat anything in front of your eyesx

It is a common problem. But know that if you have the strength to keep your resolutions despite this lack of support and temptations, you will earn their respect and admiration. When they see that you have achieved the results you expected, they are even likely to take their cue from you.

You miss a workout

An unexpected, a big flu, and your session is compromised. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t accumulate sessions to catch up. There’s no delay when it comes to getting back in shape; it’s all about regularity. Pick up your pace as soon as you can, and stay on track.

You are always hungry

When hunger strikes, drink water or chew mint gum. This will allow you to strengthen yourself, and wait for the next meal. If this hunger is recurring and recurs every day at the same time, do not suffer for nothing. Add a protein snack (protein powder: whey, casein or vegetable protein) to your meal plan.

You have body aches

The first sessions will cause aches, for sure. Get into the habit of stretching (gently) after each session and drinking both during the session and after it. Soon enough, your body aches will become more and more bearable.

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