In body care, how to use vegetable palm oil?

The tree that produces vegetable palm oil is none other than the oil palm. A species of plant that belongs to the botanical family Arecaceae. Also called Elaeis guineensis, this shrub comes naturally from Colombia. But it is also found in Brazil, Malaysia, New Guinea, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. To produce the oil, the extracted part of the plant is the fruit pulp. More precisely, it is from the pulp of the palm nut that a deodorized and refined vegetable oil is obtained. This oil comes from sustainable and old plantations, without deforestation. Widely used and highly appreciated in soap making since the dawn of time.

Main composition of vegetable palm oil

I’organic palm oil is 100% natural and extra virgin. It includes several essential constituents and natural antioxidants: tocotrienols, tocopherols, carotenoids, squalene and phytosterols. Production conditions mainly define the quality and composition of palm oil. Prefer a more natural palm oilextra virgin and organic (non-hydrogenated and non-fractionated).

White to light beige in color, this oil gives off a fairly neutral smell and flavor. It has a solid or pasty texture (depending on the temperature).

Palm vegetable oil and the fatty acids it contains

The majority (85%) of the saturated fatty acids targeted inpalm vegetable oil are palmitic acid. Then, it contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Here is its fatty acid composition (lot 20HV0057):

  • 22% linoleic acid (omega 6).
  • 25% oleic acid.
  • 38% stearic acid, 42.99% palmitic acid.
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Ways to use palm oil

In cutaneous application, thePalm oil is mainly used in soap making. In nutritional use, nutritionists strongly advise against this oil. They believe it is more harmful than animal oils. In addition, herbal medicine practitioners do not really recommend its use in cosmetology.

Vegetable palm oil and its cosmetic uses

As we have already pointed out, organic palm vegetable oil is involved in the production of ultra-gentle soaps. It is ideal for cold saponification. It also provides good hardness to your soaps. This oil is used as an ingredient in the preparation of your hair masks and your solid shampoos. It is also found in face creams, body oils and makeup products.

Its multiple benefits

Palm vegetable oil is particularly emollient, nourishing, caring, protective, moisturizing, healing and soothing. She warns the skin dehydration, heals dry skin and nourishes the hair fiber. It helps to smooth and make soft hair shiny and soft. Particularly indicated for frizzy or curly hair, it protects the hair from dehydration. A perfect solution also for split ends.


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