In herbal medicine, how does immortelle work?

Immortelle is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family. It is pleasantly adorned with magnificent yellow flowers that give off a powerful fragrance. It is important to specify that even after picking, it still retains its beautiful shape and consistency. It is given the scientific name: “helichrysum arenarium” and of the genus helichrysum. It is notably planted in the Mediterranean basin, in Europe and in America. This medicinal herb allows the treatment and the fight against many pathological genes. It includes bitter principles, neryl acetate and flavonoids. Its essential oil is composed of a ketone, a terpene ester, sesquiterpenes, italidione and monoterpenes.

What are its therapeutic indications?

The health virtues of immortelle are defined by its effects: analgesic, choleretic, painkiller, antioxidant, antifungal, softening, antibacterial, stomatic, healing, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. She calms the stomach pains, dyspepsia, rheumatism, regurgitation, arthritis. This natural remedy can also:

  • Stabilize blood circulation,
  • Eliminate varicose veins and rosacea,
  • Fight against acne conditions such as acne or eczema,
  • Combat airway decongestion.

Why herbalists use immortelle

This species of grass is available and can be used in all its forms for treat discomfort. The flowering tops are intelligently modulated to form a virtuous essential oil (distillation), lotions (use once a week), floral herbal teas, creams, inhalations (4 drops in hot water), extracts and fumigation.

The infusions are concocted from a few grams of flowers and pure water. This preparation must be given time to rest before putting it in the fridge. It keeps for several days. To relax in a good immortelle bathdilute 8 to 10 drops of its oily liquid.

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All its strength and vigor

Immortelle is mainly used externally to treat all digestive diseases. External application is used to treat hematomas and inflammatory problems. For centuries, women concerned about their well-being have used this plant (anti-aging) to maintain the beauty of the face and body. Its beautiful aromatic flowers also provide other benefits. Indeed, they are widely used in food, aromatherapy, perfumery, as well as for ornamental purposes. In addition, it is an excellent air purifier (use as a diffuser: 10 drops).

When is this curative plant contraindicated?

I’immortal does not have any adverse effects. You just have to follow the indicated dose well to avoid nausea, bloating and diarrhea. It is prohibited for people with certain kidney or liver ailments, pregnant or breastfeeding women, babies and in the event of anticoagulant treatment. This plant is also not recommended for those who suffer from obstruction of the bile ducts.


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