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The therapeutic benefits of plants are often ignored. However, they carry with them countless natural care virtues. Nowadays, the healing secrets of plants are increasingly decoded and easily accessible. In this article, we will particularly talk about a special grass, which is oregano. This famous species of grass has its origin in Western Asia and Europe (on the Mediterranean Basin). It is scientifically recognized under the name of origanum vulgare. It adorns red stems (square section), curved and toothed green leaves. In addition, it is originally part of the home of lamiaceae and ingests essential oil, phenolic acids, tannins, thymol, flavonoids, mono-terpene alcohols, terpenes and a bitter substance.

Maintain good physical condition with oregano

The perennial marjoram contributes essentially to the proper functioning of the intestinal transit. This plant solves many health-related problems: inflammation of the airways, intestinal colic, difficult digestion, bloating, colic, inappetence, aerophagia, rheumatism, bronchitis, whooping cough, severe cough, bronchorrhea, asthma, water retention, chlorosis, jaundice and circulatory disorders. He also maintains the skin health and fights itching and fungus. When applied as a poultice, it heals menstrual painbody aches and torticollis.

Oregano is a noble plant full of virtues

You can get all the forms of care available from your herbalist: mother tinctures, oily liquids, floral waters, dried or ground leaves, decoctions, balms, essential liquid substances, capsules or extracts and powders. flowers that protect cells from immune system (no more than 4 g/d). The infusions usually treat possible respiratory disorders and bronchial.

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With oregano, only advantages to enjoy

The oil of this wild marjoram is amazing, relaxing and anaphrodisiac. It is used in aromatherapy and as a condiment. Its leaves are very nutritious and edible (dried, raw or fresh).

Oregano flavors alcohol, wine and beer. It can enrich the intake of antioxidant if it regularly accompanies our diet. It personalizes the taste of pizza, rice, soups, stuffed tomatoes, grilled meats, boiled eggs, vegetables, marinades, vinaigrettes and sauces. It also has other virtues: antibacterial, antioxidants , diuretics, analgesics, anti-infectious, antiseptic and protective.

Specific precautions and warnings

There is no major mistrust in the use (internal or external) of oregano. It is enough to use a well-proportioned dosage, because with this herbaceous, an overdose immediately means nervous and cardiac inflammations. For its oil, it is always necessary to do a test application on the bend of the elbow and wait hours (+ than 24 hours) before really deciding to use it. In this way, you can see if you support it or not and to know the possible risks of allergies.


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