In which case is the use of avocado vegetable oil recommended?

Avocado refers to the fruit of a Central American tree called avocado. The size of this plant varies according to the climate in which it grows. It can be procured from a height of 20 m. Avocado vegetable oil comes from the fruit of this shrub (extracted from avocado pulp). Almost all parts of the tree were once used for medicinal purposes. Currently, this is no longer possible because hybrid varieties are more and more numerous. Which unfortunately made it toxic (apart from the fruit).

Avocado oil: its composition defines its quality

The composition of avocado HV is necessarily influenced by production conditions and criteria. Good quality oil means organic oil, extra virgin and obtained by first pressing (cold). If you want to know the nutritional qualities of this oil, please consult the practical guide to HV.

Avocado vegetable oil: fatty acid content

Here are some concepts in fatty acidavocado oil :

  • Saturated fatty acid, traces of stearic acid and 10 to 13% palmitic acid.
  • Monounsaturated fatty acid, 65 to 68% omega 9 (oleic acid) and 2 to 12% omega 7 (palmitoleic acid).
  • And, polyunsaturated fatty acid, 5 to 9% omega6 (linoleic acid), 1% omega 3 (alpha linolenic).

It also contains other active constituents such as vitamins (A, B, D, E and K) and sterols.

Avocado vegetable oil: how to use it

In cutaneous application, avocado oil is used in unction, in massage, in local application and in bath. For this use, it must be mixed with a surfactant such as a liquid soap or a shower gel. You can combine it with essential oils. For this, you must consult the HE guide.

In nutritional use, it gives taste and flavor to your recipes. The oral consumption of this oil makes it possible to influence the improvement of different dermatological conditions.

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Avocado oil in cosmetics

The composition of unsaponifiables and carotenoids in avocado oil gives it protective and skin antioxidants. Cosmetically, it is emollient, nourishing, restorative, regenerating, healing, softening, toning and penetrating.

Here are all these cutaneous indications for skin, hair and nails :

  • brittle nails, cuticles and climatic aggressions,
  • periodontics, fissures, dermatitis, eczema, stretch marks, chapped skin, scars and minor burns,
  • colored, dull, dry hair, hair loss, irritated or dry scalp,

Avocado vegetable oil: the benefits it can offer

Avocado oil is a precious ally for the facial care. It can provide a glowing complexion. If you have dry or tired skin, or even a dull complexion, it will be a precious ally. You can use it pure and apply it directly to the face. It prevents wrinkles and skin aging.

For the hair care, apply before shampooing on dry hair or as a hair mask. Apricot oil softens and restores vitality to hair. It also helps strengthen the scalp.


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