In which cases should Tuberculinum Residuum be used?

The Tuberculinum Residuum homeopathic strain is prepared from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, commonly known as Koch’s bacillus or BK. To be more precise, homeopaths use a glycerine solution which contains fat-soluble principles of this bacterium. Thus, it is thanks to biotherapy techniques that the strain is obtained.

As a reminder, Koch’s bacillus is a bacterium belonging to the Mycobacteriaceae family. Discovered by Robert Koch in 1882, this is the bacterium responsible for tuberculosis. Compared to other bacteria, BK is distinguished by its resistance in dust and in the air. Moreover, this resistance is the reason why pulmonary tuberculosis is considered to be a highly contagious infectious disease. Especially since Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is easily transmitted by air.

Tuberculinum Residuum: Indications and uses in natural medicine

Although the strain comes from lysed cells of Koch’s bacillus, Tuberculinum Residuum has no indication in the tuberculosis treatment. Indeed, this homeopathic medicine is used rather in rheumatology.

In this area, it is effective during manifestations of rheumatic attacks. In particular, it relieves the following symptoms:

  • Stiffness and rigidity in the joints
  • Decreased mobility of movable joints
  • Inflammation of the joints

Other indications of this remedy are theosteoarthritis which is accompanied by the retraction of the tendons, the scapulohumeral periarthritis as well as the Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

In the majority of cases, the patient turns out to be unresponsive to climatic conditions and changes. Symptoms tend to worsen at rest, with prolonged immobilization and on onset of movement. The conditions for improvement are continuous movements.

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On the dermatological level, Tuberculinum Residuum makes it possible to treat certain skin conditions. In particular, there are several forms of acne such as:

  • adolescent acne
  • Severe shoulder and back acne
  • And, tuberous acne

He also treats cases that are accompanied by cysts and scars.

Recommended dosage

Like everything homeopathy treatment, it is necessary to seek the advice of a doctor or a specialist in homeopathy before deciding on a medicinal cure based on Tuberculinum Residuum. Indeed, the treatment and the dosage can vary from one patient to another according to the intensity of the symptoms and the medical history of each one.

For this medicine, homeopaths generally prescribe a long treatment with doses in 4 or 5 CH. The recommended daily intake is 1 to 2 times a day at the rate of 3 granules per dose. For the carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, it is recommended to be associated with Causticum. A dose of 4 to 6 CH per day is sufficient.

Finally, it should be noted that any intake must be done away from meals, coffee, tobacco and menthol substances. For adults, the granules or doses should be administered directly under the tongue until they melt completely. In children, dilution in water is possible.


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