Inflammation of the intestine: anti-inflammatory foods and pro-inflammatory foods

Yogurt, rice and banana would be beneficial according to patients with inflammatory bowel disease, unlike milk, sodas and beans.

In the case of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the dietary approach is anything but rigid, as tolerance can differ from one subject to another. What is valid for one is not necessarily so for the other, even if there are some common guidelines, such as the elimination of foods that can have an irritating effect (the sound of coarse grinding, for example).

The patient’s perception is of great importance, whether subjective or not. Hence the interest of this new study carried out by a team from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, which identified the foods that, according to IBD patients, are most often cited to have an influence on symptoms. .

What relieves inflammation in the intestine and what makes it worse

It shows that yogurt, rice and bananas are the foods most often cited as those associated with an improvement in symptoms. Foods that, on the contrary, are associated with an aggravation of symptoms are significantly more numerous. The most frequently mentioned are vegetables, spicy foods, fruits, nuts and other nuts, fried foods, milk, red meat, sodas, popcorn, dairy products, alcohol, foods high in fiber, corn, fatty foods, seeds, coffee and dried beans.

The authors emphasize the need to set up prospective studies to determine to what extent diet influences the course of the disease.

Source :
Cohen AB et al: Dietary Patterns and Self-Reported Associations of Diet with Symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Dig Dis Sci.

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