Intestine cancer: omega 3s reduce the risk of death by 75%

A study published in the prestigious journal BMJ shows that a dietary intake of omega 3 strongly reduces the risk of death linked to bowel cancer. On the other hand, an omega 3 deficiency increases the risk of death by 10%. So on the menu: sardines, salmon, mackerel twice a week and some omega 3 cells.

Researchers analyzed data from two large cohorts, the Nurses’ Health Study of 121,700 women aged 30 to 55 and the Health Professionals Follow Up Study of 51,529 men aged 40 to 75.

All participants completed a detailed questionnaire about their medical history and lifestyle, as well as diagnostic data on diseases (including cancer) and diet. Of the 1,659 participants who developed bowel cancer, 561 died.

The analysis shows that participants with the highest dietary intake of omega-3s or oily fish have a reduced risk of bowel cancer. They are also more likely to be physically active, take multi-vitamins, vitamin D, and consume fiber. And are less likely to smoke, but more likely to moderately consume alcohol, all factors associated with a reduced risk of bowel cancer.

Intestine cancer: the more omega 3 you take, the more you are protected

Among participants diagnosed with bowel cancer, those whose diets contain higher levels of marine omega-3 fatty acids had a reduced risk of death from cancer, related to the dose consumed.

Patients who consumed at least 0.3 g per day (dietary intake and supplementation) had a 41% reduced risk of cancer-related death.

An increase in omega-3 intake of at least 0.15 g per day is associated with a 75% reduction in the risk of death from bowel cancer. A decrease in daily intake is associated with a 10% increased risk of death from the disease.


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Mingyang Song et al.Marine ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid intake and survival after colorectal cancer diagnosis, BMJ Gut


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