Iris versicolor, a strain that treats gastric pain

The homeopathic medicine Iris versicolor comes from a species of Iris native to North America. This herbaceous plant is particularly found on the shores of waterways, in marshy areas and in sedge meadows. Currently, it inhabits the humid regions of the United States. A perennial ornamental plant also known as blue gladioli or clajeux. Indeed, it has a purple flower and long leaves ideally erect and whitish green. It flowers in two stages: at the beginning of summer and towards the end of spring. It is from the fresh rhizomes of this other variety of iris that the dilutions used in homeopathic medicine are prepared.

A strain from a herbaceous plant more commonly known as Blue Gladiolus. The flower is purple, the leaves are long, erect and whitish green. It is found in humid regions of the United States. Homeopaths exploit the fresh roots harvested during flowering.

The therapeutic benefits of Iris Versicolor

Used in homeopathy to treat several inflammations, but Iris Versicolor is particularly recommended in gastroenterology. This strain eliminates all symptoms or sensations of pain and burning. It can intervene in the treatment of heartburn : periarthritis, frontal headaches, vomiting, hyperacidity or hyper-salivation. But also for heartburn, acid reflux, diaper rash (infant), ophthalmic migraine and anal fissure.

Still in the digestive tract burn care, Iris Versicolor acts on migraines, sciatica and pancreatitis. It also calms burning diarrhea and gastroesophageal reflux (in adults and young children).

When can the Iris versicolor strain be taken?

the homeopathic medicine Iris versicolor comes in the form of granules and globule doses. Let’s discover the different homeopathic prescriptions of this strain:

  • This medication can be taken on an ad hoc basis in case of pain or heartburn. For this dosage, you can take 5 granules every two hours (space out according to improvements). The average dilution used must not exceed 9 CH.
  • To calm recurrent burns, 9 CH at the rate of 3 to 5 granules, 3 times a day.
  • In the prevention of migraines, take a dose of 15 CH before festive moments.
  • For gastric acidity, 5 CH or 10 DH at the rate of 3 granules before each meal.
  • In case of stomach spasmstake 4 CH or 8 DH, 3 pellets 3 times a day.
  • For burning and watery diarrhoea, 5 CH or 10 DH at the rate of 3 granules 1 to 3 times a day.
  • For get rid of periodic migraines or to relieve ophthalmic migraines. Take 5 CH or 10 DH, 5 granules one to three times a day.
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