Is almond milk good for general health?

Many people do not support or tolerate cow’s milk. The effective solution available to this group of people is to turn to milks (of plant origin). Almond milk is another alternative and a new choice of vegetable drinks. It is easily produced by the combination of two components: almond and water. With a light almond taste, this beverage offers highly appreciated health benefits and unparalleled nutritional benefits. Everyone can consume it, except small babies.

Almond milk: components and nutrients

Pleasantly unctuous, it is mainly composed of vegetable proteinsof the Vitamin E, potassium, polyphenols, calcium, essential and monounsaturated fatty acids, magnesium and fiber. There is no lactose, added sugar, additives and preservatives.

Does almond milk improve our health?

It protects the body against cell oxidation and maintains healthy skin. Indeed, it fights against tissue aging and protects your metabolism against free radicals. It provides us with a healthy weight and helps us keep fit. That is to say, it stabilizes the corpulence and fight against obesity especially ventral. It does not pose a risk to the digestive system. Endowed with variable virtues, almond milk is still to be consumed in moderation. This as a precaution and to avoid the risk of poisoning or other digestive disorders in case of excess.

Treatment of certain diseases with almond milk

Low in carbohydrates and high in good fat, this oleaginous fruit ensures the health of the cardiovascular system. It prevents stroke or cardiac arrest, infarction and high blood pressure. It is also a generous antioxidant that promotes regulation of blood sugar levels. Almond milk also fights against hyperglycemia and hypercholesterolemia.

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the almond milk prevents Alzheimer’s and cancers while promoting the slowing down of the process of these two types of diseases. It fights against osteoporosis, strengthens the bones and ensures excellent dental density.

Prepare your own almond milk

This kind of vegetable drink is healthy, very easy to make and economical. First, to make your homemade milk, take 250 g of almonds and a liter of water, soak. The duration of the maceration of these two mixtures must be between 8 and 12 hours, or even overnight. Then drain and rinse, then add 1 liter of water and blend or grind. Finally, put them in a clean tea towel and compress to extract the liquid. You can then drink it on its own, add it to your cup of coffee or tea, your bowl of cereal, your glass of smoothies, your pastries or your cakes. This preparation can be kept cool (one to two days) or refrigerated for up to five days.

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