Is cinnamon a healthy spice?

Cinnamomum verum is the scientific name for cinnamon. From the cinnamomum genus, it comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree. It is a spice with a height of up to 15 m, of Sri Lankan origin. It is currently planted in several countries such as Madagascar, India, France, Brazil, Seychelles, Mauritius, Egypt and Java. This tree has tannins, cinnamic aldehyde, phenols, proanthocyanidins and coumarin.

What are the positive impacts of cinnamon on the body?

For good take care of your body and to naturally treat different diseases, the choices are variable. Cinnamon makes its appearance and presents its therapeutic capacities. Indeed, it stimulates digestion, improves the immune system, prevents certain degenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s), stabilizes diabetes while reducing cholesterol levels in the blood, fights cancer, stress and bad breath. It also has an aphrodisiac effect and a stimulating action which acts on states of fatigue.

The phytotherapeutic solutions offered by this bark

The cinnamon can come in various guises: soap, infusion, mother tincture, dried bark, powder, essential oil or capsule.

This spice tree can be associated with honey, cloves, turmeric, mint or ginger. As a result, health, well-being and gustatory pleasure are at the rendezvous.

How to use cinnamon effectively?

Cinnamon has a unique smell (generously scented) and a pleasant flavor. Its way of use is very varied:

  • It is generally used in the culinary arts as an aromatic condiment for various recipes such as pies or cakes.
  • Tea or herbal tea made from this bark acts on the immune system, prevents colds and promotes digestion.
  • It can permanently replace or significantly reduce the sugar intake in your diet.
  • Thanks to its appetite suppressant action, it allows the weightloss. Ideal for people who want to gracefully sculpt their silhouette.
  • This plant is known for its revitalizing action on the skin. It is also beneficial for the hair (anti-hair loss effect).
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It’s a famous spice, known around the world, which offers ease of access. Indeed, it can be found almost everywhere, in spice merchants, supermarkets, herbalists or even in gardens.

Does its consumption cause harm?

Pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding and people who have heart problems or stomach ulcers should discuss with a doctor before consuming or using cinnamon. Its dosage must be intelligently controlled to avoid burns or irritation of the skin. As well as all kinds of nausea or headaches. Its consumption is also prohibited if you are already taking other medications to treat hypertension, for example.


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