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Coconut oil comes from coconut albumen. It is enough to press the latter cold in order to obtain the oil in question. Its texture is solid and its color is whitish. It has a sweet coconut smell and a slight taste when not deodorized. We deodorize it because there are people who don’t really like its smell. Thus, they eliminate its smell before using it. It is one of the cosmetic products that nourish hair and skin.

For a few years, coconut oil has been in the center of everyone’s attention. This has been favored thanks to the discovery of its interesting and particular components.

The composition of coconut oil

It is composed of saturated fatty acids whose proportion is 90%. This is much more than what olive oil contains. It also containslauric acid. The latter comes from the family of medium chain triglycerides also called TCM. Hence its beneficial properties for health and for slimming.

It also includes antioxidants and micronutrients. What makes coconut oil a great help for brain health. It helps to prevent neurodegenerative pathologies. Thus, it helps in Alzheimer’s prevention.

Coconut oil also has a role of cholesterol level regulator. Hence its participation in weight loss. Its consumption would have the effect of stimulating the basic metabolism. It also causes increased thermogenesis.

Can we use coconut oil to lose weight?

The followers ofcoconut oil make it a recommendation of its use to lose weight. Studies have already shown that the metabolism is different for fatty acids. Medium chain triglycerides and other saturated fatty acids are not metabolized in the same way. Those of coconut oil are used by the body instead of being stored. It then allows the maintenance of a good level of energy and an excellent vitality.

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How to use it ?

Coconut oil should be consumed in moderation and with caution. This means that it is not to be consumed anyhow and in all circumstances.

Coconut oil is not as superfood as it seems. Its overconsumption can cause health damage. Indeed, the product contains a considerable source of lipid. Its lipid concentration is classified in the same way as butter and charcuterie. In addition, its consumption increases both the level of bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. The bad cholesterol is LDL. Therefore, excessive intake of coconut oil can lead to the development of fat mass. Also, it could promote weight gain.

According to some studies, its consumption in moderation does not promote the storage of fat. However, we do not say that it allows you to lose weight.

Broadly speaking, coconut oil contains very interesting components for well-being. Nevertheless, one must be extremely careful while consuming it to avoid its harmful effects.


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