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Let’s discover an exceptional homeopathic strain derived from a trace element called selenium. An antioxidant and a reference biotherapeutic that homeopaths use to treat diseases. In connection with various proteins and mainly stored in the muscles, it is really essential to the body. Selenium is a mineral that enters the food chain through plants, which bring this bioelement from the soil. North American wheat is a good source of Selenium.

the Selenium homeopathic medicine intervenes in the body via numerous metabolic reactions. Indeed, it is involved in the metabolism of free radicals responsible for cardiovascular diseases. These free radicals are also harmful elements that activate cellular aging and which develop certain cancers (lung, prostate and colorectal). This remedy intervenes in the substances produced by the oxidation of lipids (at the level of cell membranes). It also plays an important role in the maintenance of sperm muscles, skeletal and cardiac muscles. It has anti-virus, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging powers. In addition, it is an excellent modulator of immune responses.

Actions and Effects of Selenium on Improving Health

This bioelement has the ability to detoxify, purify and tone the whole body. In fact, it allowseliminate heavy metals (arsenic, lead, etc.), foreign molecules (xenobiotics) and toxins. It preserves the liver, the heart and participates in the prevention of diseases or cardiovascular accidents. Thus, it reinforces the action of enzymes (thioredoxin reductase and glutathione peroxidases) in the fight against the effects of free radicals. It is involved in thyroid metabolism and contributes to the immune defense mechanism. By intervening in the manufacturing process of thyroid hormonesit promotes the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

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Selenium is involved in the treatment of many viral conditions and works to curb metabolic dysfunction in cells. It serves to synthesize the male sex hormone (testosterone) and produces healthy sperm. In addition, it calms nervous disorders, ensures proper functioning, stability and organ health. It also defends our eyes and acts to prevent cataract.

Selenium: all the precautions to take into account

Due to its potential toxicity, it is important to properly control selenium intake. Indeed, excess (selenium) can be toxic and can lead to selenosis. Moreover, the deficiency can cause serious and important cardiac disorders. Selenium allergies are particularly rare.

Ask your pharmacist if you want to use a selenium supplement. Depending on the medications you take and your health condition, this practitioner can surely help you make the right choice. It must be emphasized that selenium supplement is not good for people who are sick with goiter, pregnant or breastfeeding.


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