Is the male fern therapeutically effective?

Traditional medicines take advantage of different plants. Most of them, as well as their benefits, are not yet widely known. Among its plants are the male fern or dryopteris filix-mas, belonging to the family of dryopteridaceae. It is a cosmopolitan fern also called falière, eagle door or pteris. It can be found all over the world except for Australia and Africa. Indeed, its composition responds perfectly to acid, silty, sandy or clay soil. The male fern measures between 30 to 120 cm with funnel-shaped fronds. It is recognizable by its amply cut leaflets and its vigour. This plant has flavonoids, tannins, pigments, sugar, resin, starch, wax, starch, fatty oil, tannic folic acid and silicic acid.

The natural health benefits it provides

This plant can medically treat several diseases: arthritis, neuritis, rheumatism, gout and cramps. You have access to the entire baths to treat headaches and rheumatism. In humans, it helps fight against parasitic worms such as tapeworms, roundworms, flukes and pinworms. This is due to the presence of anthelmintic in the male fern.

Its richness in tannins probably participates in the development of a shade of brown color in dyeing.

Functionality and role of the male fern

The male fern is distinguished by its different uses. It is available as a tincture, infusion, footbath, powder, formula (dewormer), decoction or extract. It is its leaves, roots and rhizomes that are selected for the different preparations. It is particularly used in herbal medicine thanks to its deworming characteristics.

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How to properly appreciate all the virtues of the male fern

Let’s find out how to use this plant:

  • For three days, macerate 15 g of rhizomes in 1 l of water. To be taken during the day.
  • Add 2 to 4 g (children) and 30 g (adults) of crushed rhizomes in hot water. On an empty stomach, drink this preparation in the morning. You can add honey.
  • The young shoots of the male fern can be prepared like asparagus.

The male fern root was of great use during times of shortages. In fact, it was used to make bread.

Measures to take into account

The medicinal efficacy of the male fern is not stable, as it harbors filicin and triterpenes. Its use can therefore be dangerous. The dose must be strictly adhered to. The opinion of a doctor or an expert practitioner is essential. This plant is not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. As well as in patients with heart, intestinal or hepatic disorders.


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